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If it ends up being a mobile game anyway, could we get something similar to Tencent; in-which they have an official emulator to play the game?
05/15/2019 11:53 PMPosted by ThumpsAloT
05/13/2019 12:19 PMPosted by Hootwoot
Enjoy completing against hackers and whales using third party items sites, PoE trading has been totally ruined by bots from day 1.

This is why I only play PoE SSF.

So your still completing against bot users. lol.
Oh, cool. Couldn't help but notice they're deleting posts in this thread. I sincerely don't know whether to be disappointed by them asking for feedback and not being able to handle it when that feedback is critical, or be ecstatic that someone who works at Activision may have actually come here! Honestly? I'm erring on the side of being happy about it!

That said...you can delete all the critical posts and downvotes on YouTube you want. All trying to silence people does is empower the criticism. Your company sucks, Immortal sucks, and your core values have all been systematically abandoned for the almighty dollar, and it shows. Delete this post too. It doesn't matter. You'll quickly see how badly you screwed up when Immortal launches. It'll make StarCraft 64 look like a damn masterpiece. I don't care if it makes Activision a trillion dollars in China in the first year. The sticking point is they expected all us Western PC and console gamers to love it, and they were wrong and they know it. Censoring people won't change the truth.
You destroyed the diablo franchise with diablo 3 and now you destroy it even more with a mobile game,!@#$ing goof.
Hi, I dont get thoughness increase after casting bone armor on enemy.... Have a 6p set for this season.... Yesterday was fine, but today my hero became a simple glass... Any guess? What went wrong? The armor is not visible on hero as well... Please any help?
The sand steadily flows through the hour glass of their reputation as they hold steadfast to this immature silence.

One can only hope that they are given a serving of justice proportional to their incompetence.
Interesting how there was not single Blue Reply for so long from Nevalistis while posts are getting deleted. And answers in other Threads are possible.
they can't respond, any response they make hurts them more. Either they admit they forked up or remain silent in which case only one of those hurt their stock prices even more and they can't make a positive post because the very rough concept of immortal is all they have
I wonder how many expansions PoE will have out before Immortal is released… Right now are counting 2 and we are closing up to 3.

Seems like more expansions for PoE than the Multiple Diablo Projects Blizzard are working on, unless of course u count retarded stuff like goblin toy figures,pets, books, troll posts and other "EXCITING" Diablo news from Blizzard.
Oh and im surprised that this thread is still up.
Looks the forges are burning hot:

05/21/2019 08:56 PMPosted by Thax
Looks the forges are burning hot:

Yeah that content makes an embarrassment out of D3.

Exilecon will likely be a smashing hit with an impressive reveal while the only thing burning hot at Blizzcon will likely be the red tee shirt sales.
There's staying a while to listen, and then there's this.
264 pages of "quick" words and still no serious reply.
I wonder how they're going to get up on the stage at Blizzcon 2019 with all these months of forges burning hot (= complete silence).

This is one of the worst PR disasters I've ever seen.

Blizzard was NOT like this.
Don´t expect a reply from dishonest developers.

By ignoring us they tell us to go f*ck ourselves, still they expect us to continue buying their products.

Do something about Bots and N A Z I S in your games ( yeah, you heard me right, there are guys who clearly call other people eg. "filthy jews" and get away with it).

The truth will always win and they can stick their "Pay to Win" mobile Slot Machine (yeah, it´s not a game, it´s the crap you expect from Casinos) where the sun doesn´t shine.
Maybe we should ask for close this thread, neither MVP or CM care about the few people here, blizzcon tickets are sold out there is no point to expect anything.
It's a shame the Blizzcon tickets are nonrefundable. I'd love to see everyone get a full refund the day before and have it be a total ghost town there. It's a shame what Craptivision has done to Blizz.
no king rules forever.....
<walks in> hi all...
<sees whats happening> ...
<Starts to whistle a merry tune>
<Walks out>

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