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11/08/2018 01:29 PMPosted by Dave2Brave
I'm starting to think that this thread won't get a reply. It's almost 24 hours and still absolutely nothing from anyone. Dead silence is an indicator of what the problem is.

And here I had hope...

They are waiting for the earnings call to be over to decide how to respond.
11/08/2018 02:55 AMPosted by 러브사라다
I am a Korean user who is very waiting for Diablo Immotal. Pre-registration is finished. The mobile game market is full of fakes! It is the moment I dreamed. If you look at the release play video Diablo long Diablo I want to say.
However, the bottom right hand skill windows are too clunky ... I do not want to have one of the basic skill that I used with my existing mouse ... I would like to make it like two left and right mouse. It is different from existing mobile. It is like 6 kinds of skill like Diablo for computer

better for you ... Now give me my pc expansion.
I just wonder what exactly Nevalistis want to know from us.....everything important was already written in uncountable threads?

D2 Remastered,
D3 Content (Char, more Endgame etc.),
and finally D4

Call me a fool but i think this is it? Not very complicated. ;-)
Tell us straight away how you plan to monetize your new products. I won't get hyped for anything until I know it will be priced fairly
Been through thick and thin with Diablo, 1000s of hours on all Diablo games even had it on PlayStation. Make this right blizzard no pay to win make this right prove us all wrong don't follow the moblie gaming industry and fill this game with micro transactions. X com in moblie was a really good moblie game I paid full price for that game it had no micro transactions and worked great with a touch screen. What's would of been cool is like diablos take on darkest doungen not some game made by a Chinese company that is known for making pay to win moblie games and makes blizzard look even worse. Have you been sleeping drunk from all my money I have been happy buying all your games with since I was 11 playing games on my mom's crappy Compaq back in 2000? I love blizzard I just am saddend that you like EA have turned to corporate greed. Did you not see what happens to battlefront 2 last year. We the community are willing to pay for content but we all feel that loot boxes and micro transactions when applyed to any part of the games core functions is not acceptable. Sure make dlc, I'll buy expansion packs I bought the necro and had so much fun I have no problem supporting you, but you come out with a moblie game and give no info on how it will be montized on moblie are you crazy? I've played moblie games that's the scariest part of them like star wars galaxy of heros how much money do people pay hundreds of dollars just to unlock a character it's outrageous.
I want a game that plays like diablo 2 but is really diablo 4. Its like when you made diablo 3 you took everything that was good about the game and turned it to trash. Part of me feels that blizzard was feeling some kind of way about blizzard north and decided to make the game how they wanted it and not what it should have been. RMAH was a cash grab in the same way that Immortal is a MTX cash grab. Im curious why exactly the decision was made to remove stat points, talent trees, etc etc...my best guess is because dumbing the game down made it easier for the new guys without experience to get it done. Possibly they literally didnt have the skill and knowledge to create a true successor to diablo 2? If you want diablo 4 to be great please take a look at the all of the systems and mechanics of diablo 2 and start there. Please for the love of god make the loot system something similar to diablo 2. I dont want to see legendaries every 5 seconds. I want gearing and loot to feel special again and we deserve the ability to be able to trade all of it to anyone that we want. We also deserve a chat lobby and the ability to create games and be able to look at a list of ones to join in game. I want to be able to make a game for an item i want to sell and wait for a buyer to join because they saw the title of my game. I also want to be able to play with 8 players in a game again. Get this game right or dont do it at all.
After all of this i think we deserve some real communication, for once, please.

Start to tell us the truth quickly about the "many existing projects" : is there a D4 in oven or not ?

Is there something coming for D3 or not ?

Actually, is there anything coming on PC before we all become grandpa/grandma ?

Thank you !
feedback hmmmmmmm. How about utilizing your MVP players/program to actually understand your player base.

I get all of us nobodys take way to much of your time to listen to or read all of our comments, but is that not what you put the MVP program in place for in the beginning? Not to be your unoffical CMs because you have better things to do, but to be those players who have consistently given you concise and constructive feedback that truely represents what many other players are trying to convey?

I mean if your wondering when you lost touch with us maybe it was when MVPs were turned into unpayed interns to manage your forums instead of engaged players you sought out for indepth feedback.
11/07/2018 03:12 PMPosted by Cloudian
We've been talking for years.

dont hear us.. "listen" us
Ive heard this story before. About time Blizzads steps up and actually oh i dont know give the fans what we actually asked for
If you are "listening", please listen to this: We do not want exclusive mobile releases in any of your franchises, you can make companion apps or fun side stuff for all your IPs, I don't care, but don't make major releases that have lots of canon story in it only available for mobile!

You have a core PC audience who are begging you for any kind of news for PC, we don't care about mobile games that are canon. Hearthstone is a great example for a side project to one of your other franchises that works on a phone but a "fully fledged Diablo experience" for mobile only just won't work.

Make a Diablo mix and match gem game for all I care, something I can play on the loo or some kind of Darkest Dungeon Rogoue like with random heroes after every death. Even the Flappy Bird game you did as an april fool's joke would work fine and would be better than this!
D2 Remaster and then some add-ons for D2 Remaster. Or D4 but nothing for D3.. it's simply boring after some time. Nowadays I can play D2 whenever I want and it would make fun but D3 is simply boring.
We heard your Q3 Conference Call right now! Don't dare to ever tell us your games are creativity first and then monetarisation.

This was a kick in our gamers faces!
It's not exactly the mobile games fault, it's the lack of content that the PC and Console players have had for quite sometime. Also the huge lack (apparently) of not listening to your fanbase.

We didn't want a full fledged Diablo mobile game, no one wanted this execpt your investors, THAT is the main issue.
This entire thread is BS. The Diablo community has been talking for many many years. There is no need for any of this. If you don't get it now you never will.
https://edge.media-server.com/m6/p/4vfba9k3https://edge.media-server.com/m6/p/4vfba9k3 Q3 Conference Call still ongoing
The only way to appease the fans is stop being vague about the diablo "projects." Talk openly about goals and projects. I and many others will be focusing a lot more on other games like path of exile, where there is a never ending stream of content with a reasonable monetization system in place.
22 hours since the first post went up
73 pages of comments
1455 comments made

Only one of those comments is from blizzard,
I wonder what the problem is.......................................
Please don't listen too much. I don't want any games dictated by these petulant children.

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