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from hearing the words the head man from blizzard had to say at an interview on lord fluffys video i don't have much hope anymore it shows just how out of touch he is with his core player base as a whole he goes on to say that his core target with this announcement was his pc player base PC so i think hes lost touch for a long time now just my 2 cents
You haven't listened to any of the feedback that I have left before, so why now should I believe that things are going to be any different? The fact that I am even bothering to post this feels like insanity to me.

I have played Blizzard games since Rock n' Roll Racing on SNES. Warcraft and Diablo both made me a pretty big Blizzard fan, but just the last 3 or 4 years have decidedly turned me against the company. Now it's like I quite literally despise Blizzard, and I truly and honestly don't say that to be rude, or mean spirited to anyone. It's not personal, it's not any one persons fault, and it's not meant as disrespect.

It's like there is just nothing left of the Blizzard of the 90's, and 2000's that made me a big fan of Blizzard to begin with. I'm not blinded by nostalgia, nor am I clamoring for a time and place that has long since passed. Things change, people change, times change, and industry changes with it. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Blizzard has seemingly discarded it's identity because it has lost touch with the very community that has played it's overwhelmingly critical part in making it the hugely successful company that it is today.

I suppose I care enough about the future of Blizzard to post this feedback, but I feel like I have already reached the point of no return, whether I even know it yet or not. What I can say is that I will always be very grateful for the part of Blizzard, and Blizzard's history that have provided me with so many fond experiences. The loyalty and respect for the Blizzard that is responsible for the last 20 years doesn't all suddenly get erased just because the dynamic is changing now.
I used to play D1 and D2 for hours on end when I was younger, the dark gritty feeling, the horrifying atmosphere, and the pvp were extremely fun and never got old. However Then the downward spiral began, D3 was released and looked like a cartoon, the pvp sucked, in game trading which was half the fun was pretty much non existent, etc, so I quit before paragon was even implemented. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse....

Just nut up and remaster D1 or D2 already
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.


You are one of the reasons causing this !@#$storm. You tweeted about something big will be announced at blizzcon, you started the hype and you thought a %^-*ing mobile game ia what your community wants. You clearly have no idea about what your community is and what your community stands for. You don't deserve the position as community manager, that's a big joke.
Take your time Blizzard it's not like your stocks are in a decline, and players are leaving for better games.
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
we hear you.

Yeah... We all know you hear us.

We also know you won't do anything but hearing.

Sad.. No more trust on Blizz.
Stay true to your fan base or sell out. It is a decision every artist has to make. Selling out will always break the hearts of the people who believed in you. That is what you are seeing now. Heartbreak and disbelief. It is sad to see something you loved die. I know negative feedback is a hard pill to swallow. But you should thank all the people who took times to write eulogies on this post. RIP
looks like it is finally time for me to sell my stock.
Based off what I saw at blizzcon, it seems blizzard has lost its passion. All of it was incredibly forced and felt completely phony. Usually when employees are like this, it's because of massive internal problems. They are either being drained for every ounce of energy they have or they are extremely unhappy. All of this stifles creativity. This is why blizzard's games have started to feel like cookie cutter formulas.(d3 & sc2 for an example and now of course diablo: immortal).

I feel bad for every single person who purchased the blizzcon v.ticket and for everyone who paid to be there. A few of my friends want refunds.

P.S.- stop charging people online to hear your yearly sales pitch(blizzcon). In person, sure, it makes sense since they are attending an event, but charging people online to view your yearly sales pitch? It's not a consumers responsibility to pay you to try and sell them something. The only consumer responsibility is whether or not to choose to spend the money on a companies product. A blizzcon virtual ticket is not a product. It's just a sales pitch. Cut that out already.

If I was blizzard, I would fire the people who planned the order of the announcements of blizzcon as they have zero insight on what they are doing and I would fire the entire D:I team who delivered the presentation(Yes, all of them, including cheng). None of them have any idea what they are doing. After that, I would Re-hire as many of the old senior developers, creators and founders of blizzard and blizzard games. As many people from blizzard-north as possible. I wouldn't care if it cost 10 million dollars a year to bring on a team of 12 people, at least I know my money is in good hands as a shareholder since those guys always delivered a great game.

Given that blizzard has openly stated they've taken all their best developers and put them on mobile development, this completely shatters my confidence in blizzard's ability to continue to make great PC games in the future. This is another large contributing factor as to why i'm selling. The vast majority of your revenue comes from PC games. If your quality goes down, less PC games will be sold. What a terrible decision for the company to make. It's almost as if no one thinks anything through.

It was a good run but i'm out. I can't risk taking any more losses.
Dear Brandy, in short:


A mobile only version DOESNT CUT IT !

Edit: You can downvote all you want; wanting something and not getting it directly is not a reason to come up disrespective and lose all types of manners. Get clear kids.
First of all , I want to start by thanking you all at Blizzard for the creation of the Diablo series , I have been enjoying this game from the first release in mid 90's to now . I own every copy of every one including expansions and the D2 Collectors edition . As you can see , I am a diehard fan .

That being said , I would like to speak my mind about how I am feeling about what has been going on between communication with the team and development . You guys have done good work on keeping this game going for so long . Your fan base is still great and that is obvious by how loyal they have been throughout the years , myself included .

But communication seems to be declining at a rapid rate between the company and the fan base . I really feel that we as fans should be given some clue now and then as to what is happening . I realize that you guys like to surprise us with new things including content after the stuff has been done .

I like surprises too . But a hint every now and then to what is going on would be a help to your fans so as we are not left wondering if anything is being worked on . It would be nice for us to be given some clue as to where the series is headed . We feel left in the dark a lot IMO .

The thing that is bothering me currently , is that I really don't understand why you all shifted your focus so hard on working on strictly mobile for this major release . Why would you guys do that knowing how many of your fans are using PC's and consoles too . I really think that you should have considered developing this for all players to enjoy instead of the tunnel vision of Mobile only .

It's obvious that you all never thought hard enough on how this would effect users of the other platforms . Makes us feel left out and abandoned . And that showed big time at Blizzcon 2018 . I felt so bad for everyone in the whole scenario there , including you guys . The whole thing was bad for everyone .

But to be fair about it , you guys announced not long ago , August I believe , that great things are coming . And Diablo is going strong . So that does give me hope that we will see stuff coming for PC and Consoles too . Please keep in mind , that you have loyal people that have been with you on this Diablo journey since day one . Many of us are older now and want to keep playing upcoming content .

As for me , I am in my late 50's , and this game is my getaway , when I just want to relax after all the everyday stress in life , Diablo is my go to thing , to just forget about troubles and get lost in the enjoyment of the great game that I have enjoyed for all these years .

It concerns me greatly thinking that the company may be shifting towards Mobile platform . I am not getting any younger and my eyes aren't as good as 10 years ago . I need my games on PC so I can see them . I wouldn't be able to play this on a phone , and frankly I don't want to play it on phones . That's how it is . I will not play it on a phone ever , no way .

I have no problem with it being on phone platform , there are many who may want that . But remember , there are many who don't want that too . I ask you all at Blizzard to keep the players in mind who want to play on PC's too .

The game started on PC and PC should always be focused on with new releases and content . It's always been that way , and there are many of us who prefer it that way . Don't forget us , and I hope you listen to what we say and it isn't just blown off . Good Companies want the best for the customer . Don't forget that your company has succeeded because of your older fans too , the one's who contributed their dollars and been there with you from the start .

I personally want to stay with you , but your decisions are what will make or break it for me . I hope you make the right decisions in all you do . I still have hope . Long Live Diablo !
Alright! You're telling us you hear us. Good. But are you listening? I would say that 99.99999% of the Diablo fans want D:I to be deleted from the plans. Just remove it. Like "right click + Move to trash". Simple as that.

After that, brings us a teaser of something for PC / Console about Diablo in the work. A teaser, some 2D / 3D arts or something...we don't care. But the fact you will delete this game and bring something for gamer (no, mobile gaming isn't gaming) will be the best thing you could do...otherwise, it's too late!
Over 24 hours have passed and ppl are still constantly replying in this thread. This is how engaged the community is now. Yet we get absolutely nothing from Blizzard :( this "communication" itself is just a bland attempt at CC before the stockholders session :/ I'm not even angry at this point. I'm sad and disheartened. Truly this is the twilight of the gods...
We though tit might be a mobile game a year or so ago and through the idea away because it was the worst idea of what we could come up with. World of Diablo, Diablo Skyrim, and Mobile app game. !@#$. With WoW classic failing to fix the most COMMONLY accepted problem with the new WoW (cross realm, dungeon/party finding bull%^-*) ruining the chances Classic had to pull us out of Legacy servers, Warcraft 3 just get a graphics patch, and this tripe about a mobile app, I think Blizzard isn't trying anymore. You would rehash Warcraft 3 before Diablo 2?!?! Are you nuts?
11/07/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Nevalistis
We want to start by saying we hear you.

It is now 1 week. Stocks are down to a value of Nov 2017. Good job.

You may be listening but why are you not talking to us?

Don't you have a mouth?
11/08/2018 11:08 PMPosted by Sorainthy
Don't you have a mouth?

lol...I see what you did there! XD
Speaking of shareholder call, They claimed the fans like D:I and that it was well received. Heh.
My thoughts are this all started with D3, Many people were and still are displeased with how D3 turned out. For instance, Deckard Cain being killed by a butterfly didn't go over well with many i'm sure. The art style (not graphics, graphics are fine) is very wow inspired it seems, and the orange beam of light coming from entrances/exits to levels. Colour is fine, D3 was set in a world where from what I remember nothing had happened for 20 years since D2:LOD so the world had time to heal and grow. but it still felt wrong for a Diablo game.

Now with Diablo immortal... set what, 5 years after D2:LOD, and all the characters from D3 are in it (minus the Witch Doctor for some reason) where the only reason they came together in D3 was because they followed the falling star. I don't know how you can say "oh actually there was something else that happened where our traveler's joined forces before" If anything the characters from D2 should be in this game because they were still cleaning up the mess from the events after D2:LOD, the game just doesn't end there, you can keep slaying demons in D2, the heroes work was not done simply because the worldstone is destroyed.

A Spin-off casual game would have been more likely to please the audience. Imagine a Fallout Shelter type game where you create a dungeon, in this dungeon you create spawning chambers, where you can create fallen, seduction lairs for Harpies, crypts for skeletons and zombies, all with unique abilities. You can send them out into sanctuary to terrorize the locals and even return with loot. you can defend your dungeon from the local militia or even harder bosses like Nephalem. you just need to keep cranking out demons.

Or even a heaven and hell game where you choose a side, level up your character during the week and attend skirmishes on the weekend where you face off against the opposing side alongside a group of your own team. each week could have different traits (similar to tavern brawls in Hearthstone) the team with the most wins gets rewarded, the losers get a small buff (to stop 1 side winning every week, the buff increases with each loss until they finally win then the other team starts out with the buff at the lowest level).

Creating a fully fledged mobile game as the next Diablo installment when D3 was how it was, It doesn't seem like much thought was put into it. You guys needed either a fun little game to tide us over until the next release (like how the elder scrolls 6 was announced, after a mobile game which would keep people happy until the new game finally came out) and then just say "Diablo 4 is coming, but we hope this game will feed your desires until that happens."
the community wanted d4 and/or d3 dlc like druid or amazon and/or d2 remaster (a remake would be really nice, Not only a remaster)

but got this mobile game..

just bring all three things and Nobody cares at Diablo Immortal anymore, simple as that.
Why they want "constructive Feedback"?

I thought they have a lot of "Diablo Projects" which are in development?
Why should we give them our feedback while we dont know whats coming?

Or maybe, the dont have any "Projects" they´re working at and now they need our feedback to start working at a "new project"...

(Sorry, english is not my nativ language. but hope you understand what i mean)

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