Blizzard losing stock is BAD.

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Knowing Blizzard Activision, how many times have they in a series of terrible events said; "Sorry, we realise all our mistakes, and we will do X Y Z to redeem our self." - and at the same time followed it up with action? Let me tell you how many times, zero.

Activision Blizzard has a history of never being apologetic, and never lose face. Its a multi billion dollar brand after all, full of bright minds and a bright future ahead.

Losing stock, is infact just bad for everyone, including us. Because now they will just focus even more on reaching new markets, pushing more mobile games to Asia etc., they will shift even more in house core teams to work on mobile projects, and make even more empty promises - I bet most of this already happened this week.

Its a downward spiral from here on boys. The meeting today spelled it out LOUD.

Boycott them is our only option, uninstall their launcher and app - which is what really hurts them. They have gone down so much on active users, and thats whats really hit the stocks from what I understand from the meeting today.

We're no longer an upset fanbase, we're now at direct war with Blizzard Activision, and they them self are at a mexican stand-off with their shareholders.

Only way we can win, is to completely cut them off our game chain, as they have cut us off their priority list. They still want our money, but only when enough of it is missing in their reports will they sweat enough to actually make it happen.

It’s on them to make products their customer base want. The beauty of a free market is that others will rise to provide the experiences and the money will move with it. Both the gamers and the investors looking for returns in that space within the market will be satisfied.

ActiBlizz want to sell us out for sleezy Chinese mobile mtx money that’s on them.

Exactly this! I have already started to explore around for other companies who ARE listening to their customer base. Not surprisingly, the original diablo team is creating a new ARPG and they are absolutely listening to their fans. Encouraging them to input on the development so they don't have to shoot in the dark over what they want out of the game. What a friggen concept.
11/09/2018 04:17 PMPosted by EEEEEEEEEEEE
Losing stock, is infact just bad for everyone, including us. Because now they will just focus even more on reaching new markets, pushing more mobile games to Asia etc.,

..and the more they go down this path the more they will lose.

You think Asia is going to let a foreign company take their money? Maybe for a little bit until it gets to big.

When they kick Blizzard out of the picture and they try to come back to the western market their once loyal fans wont touch their products and the company will go under.

I think players are finally sick of dealing with corporate suits running franchises into the ground and this is the only thing we can do about it.

This is the threat players are making now. They know the threat, what they choose to do is up to them.
The Know just did another piece on this its very good.
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Stock analysts all pointed towards active users dropping significantly, being the main reason for the stock drop. It was revealed today at the meeting, which is why it instantly lost like 8% after the meeting.

Yes, active user in COD, Destiny 2, Wow...etc.
That's kinda my point. It has little to do with Diablo going mobile. It has more to do that the overall trend is going down.

That wouldn't explain why the stock price already fell dramatically between the end of Blizzcon and the actual investors call, before the quarterly numbers by Blizzard were even out yet.
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I hope you don't'
I haven't... Not since they removed trading from D3 and removed Pvp. Not since they made that rainbow cow level to laugh at older D2 players for wanting to see more gothic/dark style game.

Oh! I thought I was the only one bothered by that. I mean it's not that I don't appreciate the humor, but that whole Whimsyshire thing did come off a little insolent, as though mocking old Diablo fans. Jay Wilson definitely had an ego, his reaction to Brevik's evaluation of D3 definitely showed that.
me : *sees title*

me: "Good."
11/09/2018 04:45 PMPosted by C4rnif3X
The diablo fiasco definitely played a part in the drop - not so much the diablo IP, but thier idea of mobile gaming. It contributed to bad guidance for future quarters when they don't know their fans will buy thier mobile endevours now. Guidance plays a huge part in earnings, because it doesn't incentivise investors to invest for next quarter. Companies EPS and Revenue can be beats, but bad guidance is a huge factor.

I recommend people check out this video - it's a very solid idea foundation to what's happening in the gaming space. He brings up some very solid points in the industry right now.. Not a good time for gaming for the forseeable future.

Blizzard looks vulnerable in their core market. Yes, there is potential for mobile gaming to give Blizzard income to rival some countries GDP, but thats speculative.

The here and now looks weak AF for Blizzard and its due to poor management. That makes it worse because it means an internal overhaul may be needed.
It's a sign that the quality of games Acti-Blizz are releasing is sub-par... so instead of buckling down and fixing it with effort, they pawn off the Diablo IP to a shady chinese mobile company.

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