Could Diablo be an E-Sport?

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When Diablo 3 Launched, This was my first thought. Then after Tm. Soon dropped to Tm. Never. and brawler, I gave up...
This brings up my question. What if any, type of E-Sport would the Diablo franchise fit in to? Two teams compete on the same greater rift to see who can complete it faster? Two Teams Fight against each other in Arena? Two teams battle each other while trying to kill the other teams Guardian? Two Teams see who can make more money on the Real Money auction house? :x lol jk. (still salty on that one) Do you bring your own gear, Or have everyone gets the same gear quality and gets to just change skills?
I Love the Diablo franchise, it is what I grew up on. My first real computer gaming experience. I just wonder how one could implement it into an E-sport.
Not happening
No I do not want diablo being a e sport. Its a pve not pvp.
I think diablo could be PVE E-Sport the first of its kind.
I don't know why esports HAS to be PVP. I would be just as interested to see two people face off in a horde style PVE match and see who survives the longest to advance brackets. Why not?
Path of Exile Racing is a better form of competition.

Imagine racing 100 people, first person to kill skeleton king with a new character. Or first person to Kill Diablo. Etc. Everyone who participates gets a bounty, top 10 get something extra. Winner gets a champions currency. Champions currency unlocks badass transmog.
Not in its current format.

If Diablo were to become an E-Sport, Blizzard would basically have to create an entirely new genre within true PvP games.

Racing the clock is not something that in itself makes an E-Sport. They can't just copy a moba or battle royale either. It would have to be something that fits the Diablo franchise while being a bit more revolutionary than we know of Blizzard.

So honestly, no. I can't see Diablo become something it currently isn't just to fit in.
Well it would be all about balance and Diablo is all about getting more powerful. Not sure how you balance e-sports need to be fair.
!@#$ off E-sports is part of the reason games are turning to %^-*.
E-sports in Diablo Immortal: competition for highest micro-transactions per second.

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