Removing sets is the answer to D3

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Sorry guys, sets ruin D3...

Instead of sets, the game should be ALL legendaries that effect our skills. This would be easier to implement to supplement weaker/unused skills... With sets, you need to add an entire 6 piece set plus have it be for 1 or 2 skills... And a set for EVERY skill would be unrealistic...

Better to just remove sets and then add a ton of legendaries that change skills....

PS: Bounties also suck. (Solo bounties should be 1 or 2 per act, not 5)
Yes and no...

Legendaries that buffs x or y skill would serve as a "must have" in the long run and the game would become much like it is now.

I agree with you the whole set centered aspect of diablo 3 is not optimal, but I insist the game best moment was when a GG rare would trump any legendary.

God, I miss those yellow trifecta rings!
Remove sets, and you will get D3 classic where everyone wearing the BiS legendary items. Same things, different package.
So, instead of wearing a specific list of green and orange items, you'd wear a list of specific orange items...

I get the sentiment, sets really do define very clearly what skills you can and cannot use effectively, but even without that, you end up with a rather short list of viable builds that is dictated by what are and ate not supported sufficiently by legendaries.

Just look at Barbarians and Crusaders: they've both got generic sets in Akkhan and IK which - theoretically - allow them to use a wide range of abilities. They're pretty much pigeonholed into one or two worthwhile builds, not because the sets won't work with anything else, but because the supporting legendaries don't cut it for stuff other than HOTA and Condemn.
Why was this downvoted ?
Its an idiotic topic at this point,it also doesn't belong in this sub forum
11/26/2018 02:19 AMPosted by Yadeehoo
Why was this downvoted ?

Because, as already stated, it'd change nothing. There'd still be specific BiS items buffing very specific skills. Removing sets would not make unused skills any more useful than they are now.
I say run the entire season with no leg drops. Let's see who has the best rares build...items and Torment mean something once again.
They really could remake sets, character is useless before u get set after set u become GOD, and even more now with 5000- 8000% damage. All skills should work.

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