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PTR Feedback 2.6.4
I focussed mainly on pushing whirlwind. The build felt very tanky, because of the 'heal 1% life on crit'. You top yourself to 100% life every second. So the things that can kill you are molten explosions and heavy hits from charging bulls.

However on the rift gaurdian you are no longer that tanky as you heal only from 1 mob. On top of that you proc your Obsidian ring less, making it harder to keep wrath/IP up. So the riftgaurdian fight feels very difficult, also because the single target damage of whirlwind feels poor.

The overal damage of whirlwind feels very poor as well. The only reason this spec might compete with the others is because of how many mobs you can stack and damage together by adding ancient spear in your build AND tank all those mobs. Proccing area damage and bloodshed is your main source of damage.

You are very mobile, this feels awesome. However since we are looking to pull like 6 elites on top of each other and dragging them through the entire rift untill we meet a conduit, it becomes very difficult to get a completable rift. Also the Rift Gaurdian is another lair of RNG on top of that. This I really hate. It makes the spec fish a look for a good rift - probably more than other classes/specs.

It feels like this spec has a great aoe riftclear ability, but then lacks a single target ability. Rend is already inplemented in the set - why not make this the single target ability for the rift guardian? If rend hits only 1 mob - x10 damage. Or whatever number feels right. It would make this build feel way smoother.

Edit: Currently rank 2 barb. Tried a few 112's, they are easily doable. Main problem now is server issues. As soon as I hit a decent rift with decent density the sever overloads and my screen freezes. This has been an issue in diablo as far as I can remember. Servers will probably not be upgraded, so my suggestion is to design specs with more concentrated aoe builds. Hitting a whole screen with small dmg instances (whirlwind) is not made for current servers. (tuskbogan/maggot lords freeze fast. as well as the small crabs/wasp maps)
Nobody wants Rend on the Wastes set. But let's say you did use it, are you gonna forego Cassius Pride so you can double stack Rend? Sounds like a good way to get insta-gibbed.
Good feedback and I'd like to repeat what has been said in other threads. Whirlwind needs another supporting legendary to boost damage and/or a huge buff to skull grasp and/or a huge buff to the base skill damage of whirlwind itself. Also add Rend to the 6pc, or change the 6pc to "all damage" instead of just whirlwind damage.

A functional change that would be cool is making Whirlwind apply rend to enemies not affected by rend in the 2pc. That way, with the added damage of Rend coming from the 6pc, the base gameplay of spinning and therefore winning does not change.
The belt spot for barbs is indeed a high contender. I'd love to see the rend stuff on a bracer for example. So people could choose strongarm/nemesis/rend bracer.
Agreed. I stick with Whirlwind mostly also (though been trying HotA lately some) and expected better results with the Wastes set buff. At 900 paragon using my current season barb, on live, I can do GR 80s with little issue and I might die once. On PTR non-season, with no changes, I did a GR 90 and only died from single hits from the rift guardian but died at least 4-5 times and all were one hit kills.

Our single target ability is definitely horrible. I also feel that the damage buff wasn't enough as Whirlwind is still lacking for high end rifts compared to other sets. I can switch to Raekors set with Hammer of the Ancients and slaughter GR 90's with worse damage and toughness.
yeah this build won't be competative. It's impossible to pull enough mobs AND keep the server intact :P

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