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11/13/2018 10:59 PMPosted by Shrew
Ok? A bunch of dudes with 10 posts angry about the direction of the game? Where the !@#$ were you guys years ago, huh? We were arguing about trading, itemization, skills. You know, the things that make Diablo, Diablo? Cool avatar change

Piss off with your protest

Shout out to all my bros that were here, some of you don't play, some of you were straight up deleted.

You seem to be having a rough day too. Hang in there
One more...
And another!
<---- Done.
Logging back in to show support
Rocking the OG Diablo myself ! We want Diablo back to its glory !
11/03/2018 04:42 AMPosted by Kaelos
I have my D2 avatar since avatars came out

Same here!
but... but... I have a phone!
one more soldier
Very clever. And sensible. Done.
I didn't feed my cat in protest! Well Actiblizzard, how do you like that?
The old school was the best school.

Anyone up for some PoE?
Its always been my fav, done!

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