Folks who prefer vanilla D3. What features do you miss?

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Invulnerable Minions + Fast + Mortar + Desecrator.

And really high repair costs.
D3 vanilla had its issues... but it felt like an ARPG at least.
As others have said the difficulty is a big thing. D3 is incredibly watered down. I miss when the game first came out and we had to really fight are way through the acts in hopes of getting anything useful. Yes, act 2 inferno was a big wall but honestly that was kind of fun because it gave us something to work toward. Some other things I loved:

- RMAH/AH/Trading in general - bind on account garbage, in my opinion, encourages a lack of a community and also removes a big aspect of the game. Yes it felt like I was playing AH simulator, but that was fun for me so who cares? If people didn't like it they didn't have to do it. bind on account also got rid of self found characters which is sad

- Itemization - wasn't perfect by any means, but at least rares had a place. I miss the D2 idea that some of the best gear could be rare. Now, literally every piece of gear anyone wears is legendary gear.

- Drop rates - loot 2.0 has it's ups and downs, and this goes back into trading to some degree, but the drops are absurd. There is no loot hunt. I also liked that I could actually find gear for teammates, now even if you want to trade gear with friends in game you have to be the same mainstat for most items.

- Build Variety - I have mixed feelings on leaderboards. I like the competitive aspect but I don't like being able to hit shift+L and instantly see what I should be using if I want to have a chance. There has always been websites with builds for diablo but when the game first came out it felt like I was doing the work of making a build that worked, not just looking at leaderboards

All in all, D3v felt more epic and challenging which made it fun to play with friends. I really miss the challenge and excitement the initial game offered.
Diminishing return on CC did not exist making CC-centered characters viable for 'hard' content. Now you might just as well remove CC talents.
I think I missed the build variety most. Set items are strict filters for restricting any build you can come up with. And simply there are not enough legendaries to cover up weakness of your well-balanced build. The more you try to strive to break away from the restriction of items, you can't simply evade them because none of the items in the loot pool have any other alternative. Skill system in D3 needs some tweaks and rehauls.
D3 vanilla as a whole, except for the paid AH...
The one thing I hated was when they removed the AH and instead of letting us trade, they just f'ed up the loot system to make legendaries fall from the sky and made all items account bound. That s*** didn't make any sense to me.
Inferno difficulty was borderline cheap/overtuned but it was rewarding when you killed something. It wasn't because of the loot as that was almost always garbage, but because you finally got past that boss or section. Now it's just cheese GRs with brokenly OP sets and meta builds before it becomes impossible to clear fast enough.
1) Gear Progression (1.08 and on)
2) Best whirlwind break point debates

it was trash. I cant even describe how boring and desolate items and characters actually were in that version of the game.

RoS is hardly any better, because items and characters are still a sad joke and as predictable and flavourless " you mean flavorless?" as ever, but if anyone says vanilla was oh so amazing, they are either lying or a fool....

The game was better when it first came out. People grouped because they wanted to not because they had to for GR ranks and you could trade. I didn't care for the AH my self. Now that Wow is getting classic servers, It's time for Diablo 3 classic severs

This is again... 100% bs. When the game came out people solo'd after nightmare because the damage became to great in groups. Unless you were just gonna body hop content and kill bosses. But if you wanted to actually play the game and beat it, it was much easier on your own.
Invulnerable Minions + Fast + Mortar + Electrified on spiders.

Literally the stuff of nightmares; so rewarding to triumph over that craziness.

I also miss when Arcane Sentry consisted of Arcane Hydras that could be spammed -- but that was in the Beta. It got real very quick; you could have a dozen hydra firing Arcane Orbs at you. Combined with Mortar and it felt like bullet hell.
D3 started off as a very flawed game, and its a shame it never turned into what it was originally sold as. There were some really bad decisions as well, forcing players to continually go through the story over and over again for higher difficulty and loot drops. Gameplay became incredibly repetitive with very little variance in between.

Now, I'll get a lot of flak for this... but I actually liked the idea of the Auction House, however it was executed poorly. They designed the game so that good drops were incredibly hard to find, which is not bad exactly, but the AH was flooded with cheap high end gear. This meant that players were just buying what they needed rather than got to enjoy the luck of finding a good drop in the game naturally.

The AH could have worked if it was geared towards extremely rare items only, or at the very least if they had fleshed out the game more with various other mechanics (deeper crafting, vanity item drops..ect) then technically players could have made some real money on the side through that approach, instead it just became a place to get your normal loot and that shouldnt happen.

A Diablo game needs to build on own mechanics and become deeper, with more to do in the world than just run around running and gunning like a machine. D3 felt like it was a crippled version of Diablo, with bad pacing and a forced "repeat everything over again" design approach in which to drag out the "gameplay". It was just lazy... lazy is the only way one can describe D3 at its launch.
I loved vanilla D3 minus the RMAH. The only thing I disliked about vanilla was the crazy affixes but even then it was fun. As a hardcore player once you found a certain affixes you knew it was time to log out and remake the game lol.
I think most people primarily say the difficulty.

I do NOT agree with anyone who says "the loot hunt." I got like 2 or 3 legendary drops in TWO YEARS of playing every single day when D3 was released, and to me, that's not even CLOSE to an incentive for anyone to keep playing. There actually has to be a reward for playing and a feeling of incrementally improving your character with every play session, so I feel like the Diablo team that came in after Jay Wilson "and bros" left actually FIXED a lot of stuff and I'm pretty happy with it.

But, I feel like if they could add something akin to how the difficulty used to feel (maybe make the "Uber" bosses virtually impossible and highly skill-based to defeat? I'm not sure) for the top-end players, that'd be pretty sweet.
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If they had rifts in vanilla D3 and never introduced the RMAH with loot drops tied to the AH specifically, I would actually prefer we still have that style of ARPG.

Add to it the cube, enchanting, etc... of course! But removing sets and have gear feel exclusive would be a really good thing!

Assuming they bring back rifts in D4, I hope that they add new types of rifts, and ways for players to modify them to their own choosing.

If Rifts are the only end game I won't even buy D4. !@#$ gets stale super fast.

SO what is a better end game then?

Crater grinds?
Baal runs?

And for the love of everything holy, if you say maps in poe, just .... yeah.... (seeing that is what I want rifts to be in D4 lol).
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I liked that there were only 4 difficulties that were actually hard. I liked that it was hard to get gear like it was in Diablo 2. And I liked that farming bosses was viable.

Way out there idea, but you do not need to use the gift for your first toon. I typically like to farm like the good ole days, and I use the gifts on my alts.

Just an idea :)
Rares being good and having farming routes.

Early on when Act 2 Inferno was hard as nails, i used to do "butcher runs" in act 1 farm up an inventory full of good base rares. Go to town and id them.

I liked doing stuff like that. Rares could be anything from super trash to super godly. Todays legendarys you know what stats it has the only thing thats different are the roll values.
While those items certainly has a place. It cant be the whole itemization, thats when it starts to get super boring.

When you start a season in todays D3, you know before you even start the charachter that you are going to end up with x crit chance, x crit dmg, x cdr and x attack speed. Wheres the fun in building a charachter if you know beforehand what ure ending up with.

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