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11/26/2018 07:54 PMPosted by SpinningFury
Well the thing is Twister wiz isn't as OP on PC. Even though we get the same updates PC is the what the devs focus. if im not mistaken the twisters cant bounce off walls on PC and they cant channel while they're casting twisters.

That being said..... why not try out another wiz build?? Star pact builds use Deathwish and the fact u can channel and cast at the same time they're might be a bad !@#$ build u put together. Im not much of a wiz guy so the channeling and casting at the same time might not be relevent in other Deathwish wiz builds.....

Aslo that's not going to put the Twister wiz clearing GR150 or 10 GRs higher. And incraese from 3800% to 8500% is a 2.24X multiplier which isn't 10 GRs higher. No offense but it sounds like u don't know much about high end GR pushing and shouldn't make bold statements...

Kind of reminds me how WW barbs were going to be plowing through GR125+ during Season 12 and was gonna make the game broken, so it got nerfed because before it went live because it was way too OP lmao......

Luckily we can see PC players D3 lineup and the ones making the fusses and bold statements cant get over GR80 on their Seasonal character lmao....

I always love how people say no offense right before they intend to rip into somebody lol. I'm fully aware that the reason the number is high is due to the PC performance of the set and the number was just pulled out of thin air for dramatic effect. I didn't go to a spreadsheet to calculate it lol.

My point is the intent of the patch is to adjust the sets to get everyone on more equal footing. The fact that DMO gets buffed and Pestilence or Akhan's doesn't on console is going to widen the gap even further. That's the point I'm making.
11/27/2018 01:26 AMPosted by SpinningFury
11/26/2018 11:51 PMPosted by homerjnick
I'm not concerned yet...because it is only the first wave of PTR and the numbers always get tuned...let us see what the final numbers end up being...but if it is a serious buff to DMO then indeed ratrns will be dead on console and two Twister Wizards + 2 Supports will be the speedfarming Paragon meta on Console.

Not a bad thing.... i like rats and they're fun but some peolple have a hard time playing with people becuase they don't have a meta or rat ran character. Support Sader and Support barb can buff speed. I even seen a YT video of a 115 clear in 5 minutes or so with a Vile Charger barb, DH and i forgot what else. Who knows maybe there will be some non meta, but still respectable and efficient speed builds for S16???

As long as console keeps being treated like an illegitimate love child... DMO will be powerful and console wont be short wizard players.

Agreed. I figured it was at least worth mentioning in the PTR feedback. I doubt anything will come from it and DMO will get the same buff on console that it does on PC.

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