[Request] Auto-pick up and LoN change

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Hello, Most of this has been requested by a lot of people over time. However with the game slowly dying off on updates and content.I just feel we as the community have to push these things.

If 3 diablo really is finished, I can only hope they go out with a bang on a last patch that would add these features. Please keep it clean and feel free to submit your own feedback or opinions.

[Auto-Pick Up] Vastly requested, Stopping to pick up death breaths+ GR keys etc just sucks. It's just not fun; Never has been and slows you down. These items are in a tab anyways....I don't see the point? Since this is one of thee most requested features, Lets take a quote from our good friend Tychus :Hell, It's about time.

[LoN > Hellfire ring] I for one love this idea and it was submitted by a user on here. I think its safe to say nobody uses the hellfire ring for anything. Lets delete LoN and make a new worthy hellfire ring.

The old hellfire proc is bad. Its nothing amazing and I cant see anyone caring about it. Yet, Its got this bad !@# description how only true heroes can have a hellfire ring etc, I don't see why it would be hard to fix the ring to :

" Set items bonuses no longer apply wearing this ring, However you gain " X " damage and " X " damage reduction from each ancient item you are wearing "

This would fix the set by giving us back 2 ring slots and open up way more play styles.

Tiny change, World of difference.
check my post its a way better idea about making all the drops that would drop in a regular rift drop at the rift gaurdian
The game Chronicon is very similar to Diablo 3. Sets are the same, rifts are called anomalies....

Now to my point...... The CRAFTING in Chronicon.... ALL crafting materials are AUTO vacuum looted into its separate stash page. It makes the combat NONSTOP instead of stopping every few seconds to loot. The stat of the game had that and the developer knew it needed to change.

Time to make looting FAST / vacuum loot so the action can be nonstop.
LON needs to be class-dependent because every class needs a different multiplier! either you add a LON passiv or make a craftable item which would vary for every class.

i would also prefer to get rid of the ringset and do it with the passiv but for this patch i think we can be thankful if they buff LON to 800% while also buff its toughness

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