Blizzard responds to the backlash of Diablo Immortal

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So I guess they just wanted to make things even worse. GJ Blizzard.
He didn't even answer the first two questions.
IGN... honestly wich gamer can take these sellout's serious? They're a meme for ages.
shill interview he totally dodged the question.
11/03/2018 09:37 AMPosted by cdm
Why didn't they put the answer on a format that you can only view from your phone?


But, they made a joystick that's EXACTLY where you thumb is! how cool is that. :-p

Time to echo what thirty other people have said. Dodged the very first question and the only question that mattered in that interview.
He didn't dodge the question, he denied it's a reskin and said it was built from the ground up as a diablo game.
11/03/2018 10:50 AMPosted by Dfess
But, they made a joystick that's EXACTLY where you thumb is! how cool is that. :-p

Isn't that what a joystick is anyway? You make a joystick and I put my thumb on it.
The only important issue is, "players are pissed DI is mobile only", which honestly sucks.
And announcing a diablo mobile version in a blizzcon main event its the worse marketing choice .... like....... ever......

Players are now nitpicking in redundant game negative points and the huge backlash will destroy the Diablo franchise forever. (exactly like happened in Mass Effect)

And to be honest i dont care, its just an heads up for the fans.
Why'd my comment get so many downvotes? I'm literally just stating the fact that when I went to that link I got a commercial for Fortnite with people playing it on their phones!
11/03/2018 09:16 AMPosted by OrangeJuice

Posted on IGN just a few minutes ago.


He said IGN.....
Blizzard really need to take in what's going on if the situation is to improve. This interview was BS like the Diablo panel.

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