My mom isn't interested in Diablo Immortal

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"nothing brings a family together like slaying demons" - Wyatt Cheng

yeah no I don't think I will be playing Diablo with my family

I remember back when I played Diablo 2, my mom would take the CD case and turn it over because she didn't like the look of the scary red skull on the front.

yes, she does have a phone. but she has some cheap phone with a tiny amount of storage that is already full, and no data plan. she's not exactly tech savvy

if you were hoping my mom would become another customer, you may be disappointed
Family means more than blood.

I have sisters and brothers and even a person I call mom. None of them are blood and mom is pretty young, but she wise beyond her years. We all play games together.
mom - candy crush pro player ...
me - mom maybe diablo immortal?
mom - "F" word, i wont play this.
Blizzard brings family apart......
If it isnt Facebooks slot machine games, my mother isnt interested. If it isnt online Canasta, my dad isnt interested, and if it isnt hunting or fishing my brother isnt interested.

I'm definitely not interested.

...and i dont see the wholesome families of the world firing up a game about killing Satan, no matter what the rating is.

Dont do this Blizzard....
My mother has been praying I stop playing these "devil games".
The last game my mom played was Oil Panic on Nintendo game and watch. She has difficulties understanding how to make a call using modern smartphones. I ended up getting her a Nokia 3310 to save each of us some pain.

Dad's only just figured out how to Whatsapp photos... so he can write his messages on paper to photograph and send via Whatsapp (I wish I was making this up but that's really what he does!).

My brother's got himself into a serious relationship and is focused on a major career change so he's been gaming way less these days. His hands are busy thumbing something else rather than his mobile screen.

And I have a Windows Phone.

Good luck to Blizzard with enabling my family to slay together.
My dad, whom I grew up playing Blizzard games with - Lost Vikings 1&2, WC1, WC2, D1, etc.

If I showed him this game on mobile and told him Blizzard made it, he'd slap me in the face and disown me.

Thanks Blizz.
I think it probably aimed at Moms. It's the sort of thing you'd only have if your Mom bought it you as a gift mistakenly thinking you'd like it because it's something to do with that funny Diablo game you like, because you could play it with your friends while you're waiting for pizza.
My Uncle and Cousins played D2 when I was a kid and it's what got me into the franchise. My mother thinks video games are on the same level as hard drugs so the as a family thing probably wouldn't go well. :P

So, in one case you don't need to dumb it down for family. In the other they wouldn't play it anyways.

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