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The Diablo games have always been known as loot games. In Diablo 2 you could spend literally years grinding and never have a certain item drop. In Diablo 3 with loot 2.0 and powercreep this became massively diluted where within a day or two of a new season it's raining uniques and set items, vast majority of which get salvaged. You can get fully geared in a week or two.

I would propose that they buff the LoN set where they add a second set of damage dealt/reduced numbers that are based on the number of Primal Ancients you have. I don't know what the exact #s would be, but I would propose they buff it enough so that if you have FULL primal ancient gear it's 5-10 GR levels higher than the best geared sets for at least solo play (don't know how it would work out meta wise in group).

Keep the primal drop rates VERY rare, maybe even make it even rarer than it is now (say 1 in 700 drops or something). By the end of a season when you look at the leaderboards you never see a ton with full primal gear. It's half a toon's items at most usually. That way it would take say at least 6 months of grinding to get a fully geared primal toon. There would have to be some debate as to whether it should be possible/fair to have a fully geared primal toon by the end of the season (maybe only the top 1% of grinders would be able to do it), or if the true end game should only be possible non-season because of the longer duration (and thus delayed gratification as well).

Doing this would add a great end game to the current meta. You still spend the majority of time in the set meta grinding XP, gems, augments, etc. But if you spend enough time to you can hit that next level that every player wants to hit if you put the work in. I think this would be much more rewarding then simply chasing paragon points.

Primals are far too rare for that, especially in Seasons.

The fact that you could grind for literally years and never find an item in D2 was not a good thing. That’s not rewarding, especially since a lot of people don’t actually have that much time.

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