Why was Immortal announced at Blizzcon?

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On the main stage.
Saved for the grand finale event reveal?

There has been many discussions around this.
How out of touch could they be?
Surely they should have known the backlash that would result from this?
Could everyone except Blizzard know how terrible PR this would be?

Then, it came to me.
What if they had to? It would not surprise me if one or both of the following were in place.
1. Agreement with NetEase as part of them making the game.
2. They paid Blizzard a lot of money.
they are really eager for the cash grab and they thought the fallout would be bad but not "this bad" according to their official statement.

but that's what happens when all your developers of diablo and diablo 2, who know what they built and how dedicated people were to the franchise, are gone. instead you get a bunch of idiots that think people who like diablo would also be into a garbage crapfest of a mobile game just b/c they deliberately put very little content into d3.

as it is, blizzard thinks the necromancer pack was some huge content pack. despite the fact the game itself is exactly the same just with one extra 1 dimensional class running around.
Well they hyped us up by saying there are multiple Diablo projects in the work shortly before Blizzcon so they simply had to announce something there, otherwise there would've been a huge backslash. In hindsight, it probably couldn't have gone any worse than it is right now but they probably didn't think that through.

Now ofc you can question why they hyped us up in the first place. Maybe to sell tickets or maybe because they just wanted to make sure they don't lose players after not having announced a new game or even any significant content for some time.

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