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Blizzard, Look let me put it in Simple Terms, People are not pissed because you announced a Diablo Mobile Game, they are pissed because you announced a Diablo Mobile Game that no one wanted at a Hard Core PC Driven Convention, as the Main Showing with NOTHING Diablo Related for us PC Players, NOTHING!

Next - Not Only Did you announce a Mobile Game that no one wanted at a PC Driven Convention as your Main Showing but its a Mobile Game... We are PC Players, What did you think was going to happen?

So Now I have to buy a Mobile game to get new content for the the game I love because I cant get it on my severely and ridiculously overpriced PC that I built!

You Clearly Do not Watch or Check the Diablo Forums or you wold have Obviously known what we all have been asking for and wanted for the past year, Here I'll Make it Easy for you:

1) Diablo 4
2) Diablo 3 Expansion
3) Diablo 3 New Character Class (Druid) or more
4) QOL Improvements (There are a Lot of them, Just Saying)
5) Gold Sinks - Billions of Gold mean Jack Squat with nothing to use it on
6) New Levels/Chapters for Diablo 3
7) A Diablo 2 Remake/Remaster
8) A Diablo 1 Remake/Remaster
9) Diablo 3 New Uber Bosses
10) Diablo 3 New Torment levels

Hell Even an inflated Paper Bag with Diablos Smiling Face on it Coming to PC would have at least been something!

But there was nothing...

And here We are Three Days Later with... Still Nothing!

Blizzcon was not the place for a Mobile Game Announcement!!!

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