Last of the Ancients?

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Where in act 5 do I find these quest lore books; The Last of the Ancients... I've looked and am having no luck, they are the last ones I need to complete the quest. Please let me know & thanks.

You will find The Last of the Ancients in Act 5, Paths of the Drowned, in one of the fake Passages to Corvus. You must find and kill Kalmor. Then, the Book will drop from one of the Satchels you find lying around.

This must be done in Campaign Mode. Your Character will tell you when you approach a fake Passage of Corvus. If you get to the one that leads to the Great Hall where you go to Kill Adria, you'll know that's not the one you want. You'll have to search the other ones though.

It's part of the Campaign → Field Research Achievement.

This video is four-and-a-half years old, but still valid:
The Last of the Ancients

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