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OK I'm not crazy about the new game but, I don't have or want a phone. If you made it playable on pc. At least I could play a new diablo game. I'm just a customer though prob won't happen.
please no, I don't want to see that disgrace whenever I start up battlenet
Are you kidding me?

You want to play a game with an awful graphics made by reused low res assets?
You want to play a game with even fewer controls than D3?
You want to play a game with heavy microtransactions in it? Look up the chinese company..even Chinese players don't like it..
You want to play a game which is a reskin of another crappy chinese mobile game? What exactly do you expect from that pile of crap? really deserve that pile of !@#$..
It literally looks like a Diablo 3 port. By the gameplay trailers I wouldn't even see what the game's niche would be on a desktop. It's flimsy enough on mobile as it is.

And I'm going to have to see considerably more gamewriting effort than the entirety of D3 combined used in the right direction before I buy the idea of it making a logical continuation of the lore.
Let me clarify. I don't want this crap but, I want to play a new diablo game.
This "Immortal" game doesn't even have a mana bar or spender (it uses a generic COOLDOWN on all abilities as resource), let alone unique resource like Diablo 3 has. It doesn't even have hardcore at this moment. It's a freaking shafted Diablo game.
$ 4.99 to add Immortal on Battle net
$ 5.01 to download it from battlenet
$ 12.00/month to subscribe it.
$ 1 to play 20 rift perday
$ 130 to buy a GG super primal ancient weapon.
Hell Yay, I love MTX

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