If we do eventually get a diablo 4 do you think....

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If we do eventually get diablo 4 do you think that it will be the diablo we deserve in the vain of diablo 2 or will it just be another dumbed-down cookie cutter game like d3?
That solely depends on if they listen to their community, and not just say they hear us.
I would like to think that Blizzard has learned some serious lessons in the last few years (or so) that would lead to them making a great Diablo game again, but this Blizzcon really shattered that illusion. Even the drips and drabs we do get from the Blizzard management and devs indicates that they really have no intention of truly listening to the fans. Before I would have given Blizzard the benefit of the doubt, even with D3, but I just can't anymore.

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