"We are not finished with D3"

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Nevalistis said this in Rhykkers stream at BlizzCon.

What is your take on what that means?

Have seen threads on reddit and talked to fellow players and I'm of the opinion it will just be a continuation of Seasonal themes.

What do you guys think?
Who knows. She also wasn't finished with her blogs.

Could be anything from seasonal themes, to new classes/areas.

If they want to release more content for D3, I'm all for it as I still play regularly.

However after a year of no content/announcement it's clear she's saying that NOW because of the backlash DI is getting.

If people reacted differently, I highly doubt they'd be announcing more D3 content.

Think about it. No announcement of "more D3 content" during the actual show. They reveal the mobile game, get the reaction they did THEN make a vague D3 announcement?

Sounds like a backup, or "plan B".
They've cried wolf too many times. We have nothing to gain and more to lose by building up hope that it's anything worthwhile, just like the infamous Bizzcon 2018 debacle. They can't rebuild trust by dropping more crumbs. They have to show substance... details... then if they're lucky the fanbase can begin to heal.
Well...there's a saying..."Action speaks louder than words"...

….and as I recall, Pc & Console players alike have been calling for and wondering if, when or any "Action" is coming regarding Diablo's future be it D3, possible D4 or a remake of D2.

But, credit is due to they did give us the Reaper of Souls expansion, a Crusader and the Necromancer along with Seasonal odds & ends. But the feeling has always been D3 has been pushed to the back-of-the-line in favor of WoW, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone especially come Blizzcon.

But I for one believe there might be some silver lining to all this blowback, outrage that saw a united outcry from PC & Console players in that it might have actually woke up Blizzard who no doubt underestimated big time the passion, loyalty and size of the Diablo Fanbase. I'd love to be a Fly-on-the-wall in the hallways and meeting rooms at Blizzard a week after Blizzcon…..

But as I said, "Action speaks louder than words"...and the clock is ticking, patience is wearing thin and we still have our Pitchforks & Torches on standby....
It's just a seasonal thing, mark my words. They'd need to release Druid at the bare minimum to get people back on their sides, but it's not happening.
So i guess we can expect the usual if they aren't finished with D3 and going to add more content ect. Like always someone with high paragons/augments clears a high GR during PTR with a certain class or classes. Then all the whining and crying happens from the huge player base that cant clear GR80 or dont know much about game mechanics flood the boards. Then that class/classes gets nerfed because coincidentally something wasn't working as intended lol.

Though i will admit im glad in the Season 12 balance patch the devs for the most part ignored the idiots and nerfs were pretty minor........ still.

Some sets still need to be buffed IMO, and honestly and some sets could use some QoL changes to make the game play more smoother..... for example despite liking the Raekor set, i can see why lots of people dislike it due to the Charge stack mechanic. Honestly if we got Charge stack per enemy hit it would be far less clunky and more smoother........ we would still have to wall charge for elites and Rift Guardians to build up our Endless Walk damage buff but at least we wouldnt have to wall charge all througout the rift to build up our FC stacks as well.

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