Boycott Blizzard games or shut up.

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Less talking, more acting. Put your nostalgia aside and act with your wallet /time.
Already done but as for shutting up, nope, I have a right to my opinion and I have spent money on Blizzard games so I will not shut-up.
I already did. I deleted all Blizzard/Activision games from my PC and uninstalled Battlenet

Unfortunately, I cant unbuy games I already have, but c'est la vie
Already have. Not just Diablo either. All Blizzard games. Decided to do it shortly after they released a broken Necromancer pack after those of us in the beta reported the issues. They ignored us and threw the pack at everyone anyways.

Now I just check in hoping they're making progress with the community.


It doesn't seem to be going so well.
I’ve cancelled my wow subscription.
Already done. Deleted everything Blizzard from my computer, and stopped buying anything from Activision a long time ago (although I do have a few games they gave me for free like CoD 2 and D2 that I can't get rid of, they just aren't installed on my computer).

Unsubbed from WoW after the BFA fiasco, been focusing on D3 since BFA was so bad. Giving up on ActivBlizz completely after this.

I liken it to the end of an abusive relationship. The first time your partner tries to kill you, you believe their lies and accept them back with loving arms. The next time they try to kill you, you're dubious but still want to believe in the best part of a person you love. Next time they try to kill you, you say peace out, go nuclear, and never talk to them again because it's obvious they won't change for the better and are just using you.

The RMAH was the first strike, Legion was like the honeymoon makeup period where things weren't perfect but weren't completely horrible, BFA was the second strike, and DI was the last nail in the coffin.

I'm done with you Blizzard. RIP the company I loved and adored for over 20 years and spent countless thousands of dollars on.
I cut my wow sub that I'm not using that I generally keep up yearlong
It's very sad to see one of the best gaming companies literally go in the thrash.
11/03/2018 06:40 PMPosted by SöulSeeker
Already done but as for shutting up, nope, I have a right to my opinion and I have spent money on Blizzard games so I will not shut-up.

It's an "or" not an "and".

His point is to stop giving Blizzard money instead of talking the talk and preordering stuff madly. If you walk the walk, you still get to talk, by his book.
I wont be spending anymore money on blizzard but i wont stop playing Overwatch right now as its the only blizzard game i even play. But i dont spend money on it so doesn't really matter lol
cut my sub deleted all blizz products
I might not want this particular game, and I might be mad at the people who perpetrated this BS, but I'm not gonna take it out on the people working on Overwatch, or the HoTS people, or the Hearthstone people, who had (as far as I know, anyway) nothing to do with it. Besides which, those games are actually good. I don't want to give them up. Playing them makes my day better.

t makes sense to give a company money when they do things right, and not give them money when they do things wrong. If the Diablo franchise goes down the crapper, I won't spend any more money on it. But for me to not bother with any of the other franchises, they would have to also go down the crapper. (For what it's worth, I don't play WoW any more. Learning about what would happen in BfA sucked all the fun out of it for me.)
I'll be asking for a refund for games due to technical reasons, I'd recommend doing the same
I'm actually excited to see the revamped Warcraft 3. I'm probably going to get it when it comes out.
Vote with your clams guys.


I'm done with this company. Activision/Blizzard.... Done.
11/03/2018 06:39 PMPosted by Fender
Less talking, more acting. Put your nostalgia aside and act with your wallet /time.

why not both. after all the most squeaky wheel gets the oil. so I say get out the horse beating bats an go to town beating the horse an make it known how unhappy we the core player base is, and don't give them any money and even when the horse dies keep on beating it because with beating the horse alive or dead along with an boycott of buying content is the only way to get shot callers to take note of how unhappy there customers have become and why there not giving them money.
ITT a bunch of people that "quit" but keep on posting.

Begging for affirmation is for losers. Get a life, people.

If you were really leaving, I wouldn't be reading your posts about it.
I will perma delete my Blizzard account tonight, as soon as my email request is processed. This company has lost it soul, it certainly lost respect for the (PC) community that the company was built from.
I will walk away from many hundreds of dollars of PC software I purchased from them, as well as other digital content I had paid for.
I simply cannot, and will not support this decision.

I am putting my money where my mouth is. I will not be part of a mobile device based, micro-transactions, dumpster fire that this company will become.

To permanently delete your account, you unfortunately must send a "contact us" request to do so. Here is the support article ID if you would like to join me.

Article ID: 2659
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