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A few years back, when I got my first smart phone, I was excited. So many possibilities. I quickly started using Whatsapp, the calendar function quickly replaced the thing I used before, I could do email from everywhere, and naturally, I started searching the play store for games.

One of the first games I tried was an RPG, which reminded me somewhat of Diablo. I was hyped, tried it, and... it wasn't that good, and the screen was so tiny, but I kept playing for a while, mostly because I thought "A real Diablo game on this would be AWESOME!"

Until a few days later, when the phone shut itself down, because it was getting too hot. I realized: This phone I have here, it contains all my contacts, it changed my communication ways, it would be TERRIBLE if it broke due to overheating. Also, it drained the battery REALLY fast.

So I stopped playing on it, just because it is too important for my real life. No big deal, the real gaming was happening on PC anyways, right?

Time passed, the mobile gaming market grew, and of course newer and more expensive phones could handle the games. But that wasn't for me - I would never pay hundreds of € for a phone, so I could play on it, because the real gaming was happening on PC anyways, right?

A few weeks ago, I got a new phone, a rather mediocre one, and I only bought it because it was from a friend who got a new one, and he gave it me REALLY cheap. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with it: Whatsapp and everything starts up faster, it has a new Android version with nice extras and all. And it still is VERY important to me, holding all my contacts and all that. I even have two games on it now, which are very, very casual.

Would I ever install a full fledged game on it? Hell no, I need the battery too last for two days at times, that's difficult as it is without a real game. But even if I did, would it run a full fledged game? Probably not. I would probably need an even better phone.

Today I was thinking "What about that tablet I got myself? It has a bigger screen to look at, I can always plug it in while I use it, because I use it when I'm home! This might be the way to try the new full fledged game that everyone is talking about! Nice!"

Then I realized, I also have a PC at home. m(
My 5 year old Apple Laptop (more powerful than any phone) gets hot playing Diablo how in the world is it going to work on my Iphone?
Exactly how i've always felt. Never even bothered to download games on any phone i've ever had. Gaming is what I do with my leisure time, at home, on the PC that I built for gaming.

If I'm out of the house, I'm out there because I have something I need to do. There's no need for games on my phone.

Maybe if I rode a bus or train or something.... but no, I really have very little downtime when I'm out in the real world. No point for games on phone
Well I have a Blackberry so apart from some cheesy pool games and such, there will be no D3 Mobile for me.
Even if I had a mobile that could play this I still wouldn't.

I absolutely hate mobile games. I hate the concept of having to pay to advance in every little way.

Then you have to realize that the market prices are different per region with the Asian market being the cheapest. So typically you have Asian players ruling the game because they pay maybe $1 for your $10. And NetEase confined real $$ AH already.

Then there are all the notifications you get about every stupid thing that occurs while you are offline. I'm not going to say my job, but it's not a McDonald's job and I can't have stupid notifications going off on my phone all day.

I am an adult who enjoys gaming so I play PC games, period. Mobile is for little kids and addicts.
When I set out to look for a new phone 2 months ago, I had a simple criteria:

- Must be affordable
- Must have timely updates
- Must have decent hardware
- Must have zero bloated crapware
- Must be from a reputable company

What's missing from this? Gaming. I never gave a single thought about whether this phone should be good enough for gaming. All I needed it to do was all my usual phone stuff like emails, messages, maps, authentication, news/weather and play music.

As for my PC, that handles all my gaming needs, as well as productivity.
Do you guys not have PCs?
I cant wait for DI to come out!
Even if you use your phone is capable of being a gaming device, even geared towards such use, such as the Razer or RoG phones, it does not signal a replacement much less primary means of entertainment. At most phone based gaming has been for a quick distraction with limited input and shallow game mechanics. It never has prioritized good game design much less deep game play.

If they really care about "mobile" then you have mobile consoles, beyond that phones are not meant for serious games.
I have a couple Galaxy phones. Aside from the odd ball VERY basic and totally free puzzle games, like sudoku, the only "real" game I have ever put on it was Chrono Trigger from SquareEnix. My all time favorite JRPG. I got into it until about half-way through 65 mil BC and then I stopped playing it. By that point I had spent enough time to get a good feeling for how gaming on a mobile device felt. I felt disappointing. It wasn't a fun experience. All I did was kill time and I didn't feel like I had been entertained any.

Today, when I want entertainment out of my phone I use it in only two ways. First, I will use it to read e-books. Second, I will use it to browse forums. That is it. Rest of the time it is all business.

My phone is great for work, keeping in contact with people, doing very basic internet browsing (!@#$ all the damn bandwidth hogging adds out there), and as a portable book. Ya know what? That is all I need it to do.
I play games on my phone... Solitaire, Sudoku, and some other puzzle game. That's hard core right there. It's stuff for passing a little time waiting at my doctor, in line picking kids up from school since I have to get there an hour ahead of time, and other random mundane moments. It's not for anything serious. The game could be amazing, but I won't get it because my phone isn't for gaming like that.
Tech isn't really there yet to support highly demanding games consistently. It works pretty well for less demanding stuff, though. I personally use mine with an attachable bluetooth controller for emulators with retroarch ranging from the atari 2600 to the ps2 and frankly, it's just as serviceable as a dedicated portable console.

When it happens to not work, it's due to a problem with the software's compatibility with certain roms (which mind you, is a problem for PC emulation as well) but not because the device itself isn't able to run the stuff.

I actually got a surgery a couple weeks ago, and playing on this thing has been a godsend considering I wasn't able to use my PC for several days.

This is, of course, an unconventional situation, but it clearly demonstrates these devices themselves can work perfectly well as a proper gaming platform. Obviously, it's never going to replace my gaming rig, but I still believe it has a place in gaming past little casual games for soccer moms.
11/06/2018 01:10 PMPosted by cdm
My 5 year old Apple Laptop (more powerful than any phone) gets hot playing Diablo how in the world is it going to work on my Iphone?

They will just dumb it down on a layer that is less impactul to players. just reduce the huge slab of math that needs to be done to process the graphics.

When you view the game in layers with one layer as what needs to be processed by the computer in any device and at the other end, a alyer that is: "precisely how the user perceives what is processed", there is an INCREDIBLE amount of flexibility that you can take advantage of. like entire books of ideas and concepts....

One of the chapters of said book for example might be:

WHAT typical frame rate might your player find acceptable?

Because being able to offer less frames, by the grace of 2 or more factors, is but a small glimpse of that total cumulative flexibility.
@ OP (and Mr Cheng)

I have ~ 1000$ phone, that can handle anything that is made for phones. I have a lot of games installed on it. Not worrying about overheating or any damage (cuz nightly cloud backup and full replacement insurance plan)

But I also have twin 1080Ti Strix rig, with 64 GB ram and a lot of bells and whistles. Games on my phone are for .... my kid(s) when we are traveling and they need their few minutes change of pace to brake the monotony. My PC that is about 4500-5000$ worth, was primarily build - by me, myself and I - for gaming.

I don't have absolutely nothing against mobile gaming, nor market exploring. I do, however, have an issue with someone trying to tell me, that my next 5000 hours in Diablo should be spent leaning over ~7" screen, instead of my 34" ROG Swift.
I have 2 phones...a cheapo flip phone I only use for emergencies...and then my home phone which is a 60+ year old rotary (no really). My main form of communication is my PC: discord, skype, and various game apps which I use to I talk to friends/family. So. I Guess I am out of luck with D:I huh?
I do play games on my phone, but in order to allow a game to be installed on it I need the game to:

- Be offline. Whenever I have a phone available, but not a PC or console, chances are high I won't have Internet access either.
- Allow me to instantly stop without losing progress, and pick it back up from where I stopped almost instantly. I use mobile games to fill very short breaks, a minute here, a couple minutes there; and, more important, breaks that can end at any moment, so I need to be able to stop at the drop of a hat without losing progress.
- Be battery-friendly. I can't risk my phone battery dying, at all; I need to be always accessible for work, so if my phone's battery dies I can get in trouble, and if it dies because I was playing a game on it the trouble is going to be far worse.

Diablo: Immoral doesn't fulfill any of those.

Besides, my favored devices for mobile gaming are my 3DS and my Switch: offline games, I can stop and then pick up games from the exact point I stopped by simply putting the console to sleep, and if my console's battery dies I won't have issues with not being able to answer calls. Plus, controls are far, far better than anything a phone can offer.
With the exception of Hearthstone, every phone game I've installed has lasted a few minutes and then has been deleted to make space for things I actually care about. For that reason I stopped playing phone games. I'm sure there are idiots out there who pay to play games on their phone, but I cannot imagine that this trend will last.

Once the Switch becomes cheaper, folks will realize that it makes zero since to play a garbage P2W version of Diablo when they have D3 on Switch, which is just a thousand times better.

I would honestly rather smash my head into a wall rather than play DI.
After reading and hearing more of what the community expresses all around the internet, I have to follow up to say that I will probably try D:I, on my tablet, like I wrote in the original post.

The title of my post somewhat resembles how people made a meme out of Wyatt Chengs question "Do you guys not have phones?" and I never intended this. The little story (which is true) was just too bring up how ironic it feels to me that I will have to play on a tablet, when I have a PC (why not do both?). Phone screens are just too small to enjoy longer playing sessions.

I would much rather like to get a PC game, and we still might in the future, however I still think Blizzard makes good games and I want Diablo content, so that's that.

There are however points that I dearly hope Blizzard will pick up from the community and handle with caution. I can only speak for myself, but:

If I while playing regurlarly encounter other players (since it's MMO), I'm out. It would feel wrong to see loads of heroes in Sanctuary. If I recall correctly, the devs want to make an in game city where loads of people meet. Bad idea.

If it requires high end hardware too run smoothly, I'm out. I'm certainly not buying any mobile hardware, tablet or phone, just to play D:I.

If this becomes pay to win, it's totally out of the window.

Altogether, I'm disappointed with the project leaders decisions on this, but I still hope it will be a good game.

This post will maybe get downvoted now, but that's my honest point of view.
Diablo: Immortal will be great...when I'm pooping in a public restroom. Maybe if I'm stuck at the DMV. Aside from that, mobile gaming is completely useless and a complete waste battery life.
I hear they're selling monitors that are 13" x 3" so PC players can also enjoy the mobile gaming experience!

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