[QoL] Instantaneous bounties arrows

PTR Feedback 2.6.4
Hello, since we'll see a few qol improvements in the next patch, please consider making the guiding arrows instantaneous for all the bounties types.

Here's a thread I've made on the EU forums a few months back : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/17623682232

Tldr :
- Every class has a speed build capable of completing bounties mindlessly, eyes focused on the map for the majority of the time.
- Some of them remain tedious.
- Cut the frustration by making all the guiding arrows instantaneous, just like the boss bounties / lvl 2 dungeons ones.

Balance :
If the time gained is too important, either :
- reduce the amount of materials rewarded
- add extra bounties
- add a way to "empower" a session (like grifts) to unlock those instant arrows.

Alternatives/Fixes :
If that's not possible, it would be great to at least get some fixes for some bugged / non-conventional bounties types :
- Vidian is the only boss bounty not triggering an instant arrow, but the "Hematic key" event (as a bounty) does. They're swapped.
- No arrows for the "Family of Rathe" one, neither outside nor inside the dungeon.
- Same thing for the "Kill Fharzula" in the Grey hollow island, and "The Cursed Bailey" in the Elder sanctum.

Bounty arrows should definitely be instantaneous. Doing bounties can often be a real chore due to the lack of the arrow and often one has to travel a long distance from the waypoint to reach the objective, it really doesn't help when the arrow finally appears and you realize you've been traveling the wrong direction.

Another QoL change would be to adjust the number of bounties required to complete per player. Example:
Solo: 1 + boss
2 players: 2 + boss
3 players: 3 + boss
4 players: 4 + boss
Right now it's 4 + boss for everyone, regardless of how many players are in the same game. This creates a massive gap between solo and group play.

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