I think a big reason for the D:I backlash...

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is because of mobile gaming's very strong association with and reputation for the worst sorts of predatory design and monetization practices. I'm talking about loot boxes that are basically gambling, stupidly long timers designed to make you pay to speed them up, paying to become powerful to defeat an otherwise nearly impossible foe, and other practices designed to suck your wallet dry rather than offer deep and engaging gameplay. Their partnership with NetEase only reinforces the perception that D:I will be that kind of game.

That said, the gameplay does look it could be fun if they avoid those practices.
A lot of people don't like playing on phones for similar reasons to not liking e-readers, or playing video poker on those little battery-powered handhelds. It's inauthentic and lame.
But don't you want to access that Greater Rift for 1000 diablo gems? (Buy Warforged Gems pack for 2.99$)

Sorry dude but we know what's gonna happen. Game does not look great either, it's just a f****n reskin afterall.
I can already see them selling legendary upgrades for "runes", or some other crap like that.
No its because the fanbase never asked for a mobile game but rather diablo 2 remastered or diablo 4.

Its like saying we dont care about you we just want to get new costumers and get more money thats the message they sent to the community.
There's also the fact that a touch screen is only slightly above a touchpad in terms of ease of use and precision of control.
Gameplay doesn't look fun. In fact, it's a re-skin from multiple !@#$ty Chinese mobile cash grabs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-SLvqXyrI4

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