[idea] Diablo Toilet Set

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Diablo Toilet Set should include:

- Glaze tiles with a hellish motif - give your bathroom a dark character.
- Heated floor that burns under your feet - Keeps feet warm, and by the way you feel like you are walking on infernal earth!
- Mirror with Diabolic filter - watch your demonic face every day! Thanks to a special, amazing filter, the mirror distorts the image and makes everything look terribly horrible!
- A special tap and a Diablo-shaped shower head - Diablo-hot water or Frosty like Izual's grip.
- A climatic candlestick gives the interior an epic character.
- Bath of the Blood Countess - a bath in the blood is the best rejuvenating therapy *
- Akary Courtain - Cover yourself in the shower with a curtain, just as Akara covered her tent.
- Diablo-Toilet seat - Hear Diablo roar everytime when you drop water..

* Special capsules with a dye are included in the set. 10 capsules staining water, and 10 capsules staining the foam in red. Capsules can be purchased separately.

And "Special Offer"
- Hire Leoric Squeaky King to keep your toilet clean.
You mean this offer doesn't come with a toilet or bedet?! What a con!

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