Enemies weirdly too hard

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On Nintendo Switch, Enemies have weirdly too much HP.

I have a lvl 30 barb, with top gems in addition to paragon points. Yet the enemies still take multiple hits. Its as if the enemies are higher lvl than they should be.

Even without the gems and paragon points, it still feels harder than it should be given his stats and gear. It seems that no matter what I do, the enemies remain just as tough.

This is on normal difficulty.
That's normal for console. You need to get 10 consecutive kills, to start stacking nephalem glory globes. They are yellowish gloves that drop at intervals after 10 kills. Those grant double damage. It's not the monsters that have high HP, but you are only dealing half damage.
Been playing D3 since its release. I am aware of the mechanics. Are you saying they intentionally made the console versions stupidly harder?

To clarify, this issue only started after I left this charachter to start my WD. Then went back to him with the intent on getting him to 70 fast by giving him a !@#$ ton more power. Ive done this countless times on PC. This should always work. My WD never had this problem, and neither did my barb until now.

Lvl 30 enemies shouldnt feel like lvl 50 -70 enemies, regardless of nephelem globes. That makes no sense.
Welcome to console. The ng mechanic doesn't work the same on PC as console.
Im sorry, but there is a deeper issue here. Not saying your wrong. But there is more going on. It doesnt add up. Somehow my barb got locked into a higher difficulty level after I put him through a Rift when I went back to him.

If what you said was the problem, I would have been experiencing that since day one with both my charachters. At level one, enemies would be taking 20 hits to down as apposed to 2 or 3. Which is not the case. This is issue did not occur until after what I mentioned.

I am now starting him over to see if my theory holds up. So far, it does.
HomerJNick Jan 2016
Blizzard came out and said that monster health is double only on hard or normal and when you are under 70.

If you are on 70 and on any difficulty above hard then monster health is supposed to be the same.

Which makes no sense then to have double damage with NG...something is not right with NG and Blizzards statement...

Nevalistis Jan 2016
There are some differences between Console and PC with monster health; however this is only below level 70 and on Normal and Hard difficulties
Why? It was a "tuning by gameplay feel" decision, as well as a consequence of Console originally having a different number of difficulty settings than PC.
At level 70 on Torment I or above, all monsters should have identical health pools on console as they do on PC.

While Nephalem Glory does function differently on console, it is not a consideration in our tuning numbers for monster health or otherwise. Most of the differences that exist between platforms are mechanical ones meant to make the game feel good with the different camera angles and game controls that are unique to the console. Nephalem Glory doesn’t serve to bring console in parity with PC; its bonus was tuned around the rest of the game, not vice versa.

hope that actually answers your question. Oh and in the almost 3 years since that topic, NG mechanic hasn't changed.
It still doesnt explain what I experienced. But I appreciate the knowledge anyway.
you were playing on normal. monster health is increased in normal and hard difficulties.. thats why you need to collect the Neph Glory.. to do "double damage" to actually be able to kill monsters.
Yes,but your forgetting the other details. The fact that my issue only JUST happened. And the enemies that my barb was killing, went from pretty easy to exponentially harder, out of nowhere. In addition to being given a lot more power via top gems and paragon points, that should have made any amount of enemy hp at his level, irrelevent. Double hp or not. Would not have mattered.

Its as if the gems and paragon points had little to no effect.

I still was killing things pretty easy (with double hp) this whole time. Now it feels like its 10x the hp. Nothing was changed. It just got randomly a lot harder.

The inconsistency of difficulty does not hold up to what your suggesting.

In simplest terms, it felt like it went from normal difficulty to master, and nothing I did seemed to help.
Over further experimentation, ive noticed more issues. I have tried attacking enemies with and without certain paragon points applied. No difference in difficulty. So either they arent working at all, or have been drastically nerfed. At least while being used by an under 70 charachter.
It seems like there is nothing you can say that will convince EddieLMT that you are actually experiencing a legitimate bug.

But I believe you! I wish you success in finding a reliable way to reproduce it.
I believe you I am having the same issue I am a level 70 monk I had built my toon up and can handle level 35 grifts with no problem. I switched a few items and ran a regular rift and on level t6 this is much lower than grift 35 they were kicking my butt I felt like i was trying to do t12 or so I finished the rift after dying 20 or 30 times and repairing my gear twice. So I put everything back the way it was and ran another t6 regular rift and same thing I left the rift restarted the game and tried again, same darn thing was way over powered so I completely shut down the game and restarted it no difference. By the way I noticed that when I killed elite group I would get sometimes two death breaths. not normal for t6. what told me i was playing a higher level was when I went to the grift selection it showed I could run a level 52 grift, the most I could run before this was 38 so yes there is something going on I have proof on my switch. Now will it ever be fixed I doubt it, going to have to wait for the season to start to build a new monk. They need to fix this.
UPDATE: I set my level to normal ran a regular rift, set it back to T6 and I'm back in business monster level has reset its self and not having the over powered levels any more. Hope you get it taken care of but this did it for me.
@klaatugort I ran a normal rift and set it back to T9. Still wack for some reason. I was able to 3 shot mobs quickly but it still takes like 10min to kill a wave. I'm playing on the switch.

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