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Don't know if this is a windows issue or a Diablo issue. I am running windows 10.
The lower right corner of the Diablo 3 screen is not available. This is the section from just left of the resource globe to the right hand side of the screen and from the bottom of the screen up almost half way. Doesn't matter what Diablo screen is on or what diablo window is open they all have the same behavior. When I move the cursor to that area it changes from the large Diablo pointer to the windows pointer. I am unable to click on anything in that area which includes items in the backpack, the collections button and the clam/communities/friends button. I can not click that area on any map to move my player to that area on the map. Maps and things draw in that area but nothing in that section is clickable. If I pick up an item outside that area as I move into it the cursor changes to the windows cursor and I'm no longer carrying the item. If I move back outside the area the cursor changes back to the Diablo cursor and I'm still carrying the item.

I have rebooted the computer, no change. I have uninstaller and reinstalled Diablo 3 and no change.

Diablo 3 worked fine on this computer a few months back and hasn't been used for a few months. Its a laptop and now that I'm getting ready to travel I'd like to have it working so I can play Diablo on my trip. Anyone seen this before or have any ideas?
Never mind, got it fixed.
I tried looking for topics with the same issue and found nothing. Called the better half in and she found one right away that was the answer to my problems. Just had to switch to windowed full screen and all is good now and I gotta take her out to dinner.
Im Haveing the same problem i hope they fix it soon hard to play the game when you cant check item and put gems in your stash
01/22/2019 12:28 PMPosted by ZontiousBane
Im Haveing the same problem i hope they fix it soon hard to play the game when you cant check item and put gems in your stash
Have you tried to change your display mode (Fullscreen, Windowed(Fullscreen), Windowed) in the Diablo III Options, under Video.
In my case it was a notification that was somehow affecting the bottom right corner of the screen. When I cleared the notification the problem went away.
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