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Did you guys know that you can play Diablo Immortal on your TV or PC monitor?

Guys, just buy an HDMI adapter for your phone to TV. Use blue tooth controllers on your phone.

Problem solved?

Adapters are under $30.00 and you can use your PS4 or Xbox One controller on your phone.
Wow, awesome idea!!!... or they could just make it for PC.

It looks like crap on the phone why would i want it blown up onto a bigger monitor?
Dude... Use an emulator for free. That's not exactly the problem, tho.
Nice b8 m8
If you are going to play a Diablo on your TV or Monitor, why not just play D3?
Are you dumb? or a smarta§§?
have u ever played a Mobile rpg on PC via bluestacks Nox etc etc? where u have to drag down crosspad buttons etc etc its by far not the same as using the usual controlls ... and for just buy adapter and if u don't have a console just buy a ps4/xbox pad too! nice idea lets just throw out 80 bucks extra for a !@#$ing Mobile game just to play it somewhat on PC nice solution u got there ... the fact that u try to defend that %^-* makes me vomit .. how can one have such low standards d3 same content for like 4 years and u are fine with a Mobile game as Major announcement while these *other* project blizz claims to have will take severel more years to even develope. and the fct that Immortal !@#$ is basically just D3 why would we want that %^-* on PC anyway .. 95% of the skills are copy pasta - we lost Witchdoctor
Just delete every Diablo game from computer until D4 comes out

Maybe in next 20 years?
or less?
I'll just play MedianXL or LoD.
Wow what a great idea now find a solution to get rid of all the micro transaction that will be in the game and were golden ...
and you will still have to use crappy touchscreen controls................

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