DIABLO IV - What Do We Expect?

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Nearly two months, actually, but that's kinda his schtick.

What he's doing is taking advantage of the post-Blizzcon backlash where you could pretty much say to do anything but what Blizzard was doing and people would agree. We know most of his other threads wind up in the negatives despite containing similar content, give or take insults to devs/community. The vast majority of the angry folks who flooded here then have since moved on, so it's not like they could retract or observe the behaviors us old-timers do.
Yes, death to idiotic artificial constraints like cooldowns and forced use of generators. dumbest mechanics ever introduced to an ARPG. Also, death to borderline retarded designs like having to spam abilities non-stop with macros.
Doubt i will be playing in my 70s. Dunno if they let you have a laptop in a nursing home. Thats about how long it will take B4 d4 comes out it it ever does.
and most importantly, NO Jay Wilson.

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