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What do I expect?... I expect a very rare bird that might be hiding in my pocket. Oh wait there's two and they want to meet everyone! :D
11/20/2018 03:44 PMPosted by Olbat
11/20/2018 12:42 PMPosted by Orrion

So your stance is that such references don’t belong in Diablo because it’s darker and more serious?

I don’t know. I mean, Warcraft had humanity fighting for its existence.. and they lost the first war.

And Starcraft had a horrific plague race consuming all life in the galaxy that wasn’t their own.

What’s so different about the Diablo universe that such references are unwelcome? ‘Cause I don’t see it.

You are too proud to admit the Diablo franchise is more serious than the others.

How so? I mean, let's look at what we knew from the start of each story.

Warcraft: Invasion of humanity by a literal flood of otherworldly creatures through unknown means with the only goal being wipe everything out.

StarCraft: An insectoid highly specialized race of consumers/eradicators is poised to fall unnoticed on humanity's only known few planets.

Diablo: Go explore a single abandoned and seemingly haunted church in some insignificant backwater village for lost riches.

I mean.. yeah.

You are too proud to admit d3 art direction was a disaster.

That's probably because there's only been 1 game in my 30+ years of gaming that made me turn it off within the first hour and go back to something else because of how aesthetically displeasing it was. That'd be Diablo II.

Granted, I played Diablo II again over the years and it wasn't the atmosphere but rather the pixilation that turned me off.. but it's still never going to get any nominations from me on anything to do with art. I wasn't pleased with it 18 years ago. In today's high def world? Forget about it.

Starcraft is something in line with star movies from the 80's and 90's and pop culture suit it very well.
The "bad" guys or characters are always "horrific" in any novel, movie, cartoon or animation. Pop culture references and jokes suits warcraft since its very beginning of the franchise. Warcraft has always been very "crazy-funny" with zeppelins, fireguns or and gnome mechanisms. Warcraft voice acting has always been silly.

What, you think Diablo wasn't drawn from popular culture? D&D had been around for 22 years by that point.

Unlike Starcraft and warcraft, Diablo 1 and 2 makes you feel courageous, weak and humble, but never confident badass or sexy like in D3 and in today's Blizzard games.

You never felt confident or badass the millionth time you stomped Diablo and/or Baal into the dust without any particular effort on your part?

You like D3 artstyle and it's your own right. Excuse me but the Franchise existed before D3. The problem is that people like you take D3 artstyle and lore for granted, and with your 20000 comments want to impose it.

First off, what the flip does an artstyle have to do with popculture references?

Second, even if I have no problems with D3's art, it doesn't mean they have to keep it going forward OR go back to D2. I'm 100% positive there are more choices than "D2's art style" and "D3's art style."

Third, I've often pointed out problems with D3's lore.

Fourth, there's this thing I can do called suspension of disbelief. It allows me to appreciate and enjoy things like pop culture references while retaining the ability to enjoy the game as a whole.

Reality check here, man. It's a freaking game. Stop taking it so seriously that the addition of references destroys your immersion.
expect everyone has a cellphone.
11/20/2018 11:35 AMPosted by Olbat
Blizzard north

You do know Blizzard North doesn't exist any more... right?

For anyone who doesn't know. Blizzard North, the folks behind Diablo 1 and 2, became defunct back around '05. Some members went to work for Blizzard directly. Others left to make their own company or work for others.
After playing PoE for a week i must say that D4 has to be spectacular.. So many people have started PoE since Blizzcon, every chat is full of people asking newcomer stuff, myself included.

I am already hooked on PoE and i think many more of the new ones are too, so to bring people back to Diablo it has to be really good.

Just my 2 cents
I think I'll never get tired of posting this bit over and over again:
I expect nothing, team is dismantled and simply lack resources and imagination to create a good diablo game. All their resources will be spent on mobile gaming for at least 2 years ahead and will try to starve the fanbase to force them play mobile games. This gonna get another huge backlash and faced with protests.

3-4 years later we may have news about another Diablo game that diverted from the franchise so they may release it sooner, until then everything will be over anyway. No wonder investors retreated after seeing how Blizzard shifted tail to mobile.
I expect microtransactions and monetization.
11/20/2018 04:10 PMPosted by Orrion
It's a freaking game. Stop taking it so seriously that the addition of references destroys your immersion.

Your contemptuous tone towards games sums it all. Every topic deserves as much work and passion the creator can give, even games.
11/20/2018 01:41 PMPosted by Nitroman
I'll tell you what would be cool on D4.

A secret level called Vale of the Phones where we need to fight against mobiles holding lances and throwing money at us.
The boss would be called Cheng the Immortal, and would drop a mobile pet. He also would say randomly:
"do you no have a phone? "
"we love diablo"
"we hear you"

I start finding Developers Hell in D3 less meaningless. Being able to sell Necro as an add-on, they should also start selling Cheng the Immortal add-on as well.
I expect no trading, no skill trees, no hostile button, and changing builds on the fly.
I expect 4 simple things.

1. FIX THE BUGS! At least make the game bug free! Make the thing work properly as intended from day 1!!

2. MAKE THE GAME FUN! Item affixes that multiply possibilities. Say 9 skills. An item that alters each of those skills in an extra way like Etched Sigil. Then have 3 items all doing that and you have 999 build possibilities. 4 items is 9999 possible builds. Same with game modes. Just make them have mass possibilities and have them super fun. I know, balancing that would be an utter nightmare, hence...

2. DON'T BALANCE IT MANUALLY! Obviously this seriously back fired and it's a nightmare amount of work. Build diversity plummets because you only want 5 builds to balance. Just set one awesome build up to the perfect level you want to make the game fun and not 3 days to the grind. Once you have your bench mark like the necro OP at launch, then all the other items, skills, runes, game modes that aren't popular, buff then incrementally until they are starting to be used. Eventually, everything will be at the same level of balance based on usage, so harder builds to play will be more powerful since less people will use them. The major power will make people start using the difficult build items and skills. Every 2 weeks, buff the stats by a fraction so that after about 2 years, 50 buffs, it will be up there with the others.

4. PVP THAT ISN'T HOURS TO WIN. Or worse yet, pay to win. Have it so we play and get our items for our build. With the correct type of stats, it should start being useful in PVP team matches. Like how a basic support monk can be ultra useful without the need for ancients. The key here is having hundreds of builds to choose from. But when the PVP starts, all the items are temporarily set to max, so RNG doesn't make you a loser. Also if anything like paragon is there, cap it to make sure someone with 24hours a day gaming won't be godly purely due to hours. It should be skill based winning.

5. Additionally, give us the game for free like Starcraft and HotS, where we get 1 character pack to choose to unlock, and 1 stash tab. If we want all our tabs and all our characters, sell them to us. We were SUPER happy to buy the Necro. We were SUPER happy to buy more stash tabs. That way we buy what parts of the game we want. So we can just buy all the packs and all the stash tabs for the full game prices or we can just buy what we want when we want it.
a fully fledge diablo experience on mobile first lmao
I expect attempt #2 to monetize the game, they tried with the real money auction house, now to see what they will come up with for diablo 4!
What I expect?: A release date before 2022. Pretty sure that's not happening though so, I'm out, already bought stash tabs in PoE, felt REAL good too, literally the first thing I did.
I expect nothing and yet they will still manage to dissapoint me ...
What I expect is that its at least 5 years away...hope I'm wrong though.
world of diablo is next
11/20/2018 09:59 PMPosted by Olbat
11/20/2018 04:10 PMPosted by Orrion
It's a freaking game. Stop taking it so seriously that the addition of references destroys your immersion.

Your contemptuous tone towards games sums it all. Every topic deserves as much work and passion the creator can give, even games.

Uh. My point is basically that including such references in a good way is indicative of such work and passion, whereas your dislike for them is belittling both.

People do better work when they enjoy what they’re doing, and I imagine working such things into their games is one of the ways Blizzard has fun. Yet you want them to stop that and be more serious with less passion. You’re contradicting your own argument.
Great feedback, keep it up!
I expect nothing but the worst possible garbage at this point... So there's no way i'm setting myself up for disappoint again... Fool me once and all.

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