Zunimassa Set PTR - 15,000% Pet Damage

Witch Doctor
Anyone tried the Zunimassa Set buff on PTR?

Just want to hear opinions...
Look @PTR Forum...
Buff are ok in term of DMG, but Gameplay is diffycult and Gargs are stupid.
Over all Zuni just dont make fun the way it is.
If i fish a lot a 123-125 is possible, but i dont because Zuni is just annoying. 23 Fetish Block everything around and Gargs attack some single creeps...

There are a lot Suggestions, we need one of them going Live.
Personally, I would have preferred if Garg (and zombie dogs) if they were buffed by only one set (not helltooth & zuni).

I miss my carn zuni WD, but it will never be the standard as Garg zuni is. Which is then out shined by helltooth garg.
11/24/2018 07:13 AMPosted by Necromancer
Anyone tried the Zunimassa Set buff on PTR?

Just want to hear opinions...

I ran a Zuni doc in the PTR ( seasons).
Best I had was a Gr104 @ para 1100, which was 15th on the solo WD LB.
All 14 docs above me were running Jade.
Thoughts? ... it may not finish last on the list of solo builds, but it is close. It needs a major looking-at , and quite a few tweeks. Tops on my list would be a better way to mitigate damage, and a 15 sec garg recast.
Unless they buff the Dart Doc, It doesn't make sense to play Zuni. Helltooth Gargs are basically just as strong but you don't have to deal with the Fetishes or hitting mobs with a mana spender. You only have to cast Wall of Death now and then.

It took me several attempts to beat 115 on PTR but the damage was there for higher. Gargs wreck everything very fast when you can get them on target for a cold cycle but they don't like to cooperate most of the time.
Add Spirit Barrage to the set.

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