I don't mind Diablo immortal

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The only reason I think we are hating on diablo immortal is because we want a good diablo 4 and we want it now.

we want the full continuation of the Diablo-on-PC franshise.

how good immortal is, is irrelevant...
-except when it destroys or slows down or cut short or teddybears the PC versions.
-except when the NS start leading the franshise and we get the NS version on PC.
12/02/2018 02:43 AMPosted by Jinx
Can you...do develop two games at the same time, with the same attention / care / quality as one-at-a-time? I didn't think so.

You can if you have different teams.

Team 3 is the core Diablo team working on the next PC game. Most people think this is led by Luis Barriga (who lists himself as a "Game Director" on LinkedIn since 2016 with no detail of project).

Diablo: Immortal is worked on by the Incubation Team (led by Allen Adham) with this specific project led by Wyatt Chang. It's being developed in conjunction with NetEase.
Opportunity cost. Look it up. Its a give and take. That team / money for that team could of been put towards D4. It wasn't. Its done. They took resources that could of gone to Diablo 4 and put it on D immortal for china-cash-2019-a-LOT-of-it.
by their own standards DI should have been cancelled long ago.
Trash comment
It is not that they announced Diablo Immortal, it is when Blizzard did it and how they handled it. They could have just said it was coming out like with switch and not hyped up a damn mobile game and made it seem like Blizzcon was going to be special for the Diablo franchise.

edit: Honestly I could care less about Diablo Immortal, but it was a slap in the face to the hardcore Diablo PC gaming crowd. That is what pissed people off.
I honestly don't care if Blizzard fails at Diablo. I mean they have been going down hill in all there games with money incentives. They don't care what you guys think because they will have a huge Chinese Market with this crap game anyways. I played D1, D2 (religiously), and D3 and saw the progression get worse. When the Inferno mode of D3 got nerfed I could tell it was just going to get worse.

But fret not guys. There will be plenty of other smaller game companies who are probably witnessing this and will try to insert themselves into this market and make ARPGs that we may all love. Just look at POE that was made from D2 fans. If the company treats you like crap the only thing you can do as consumer is to not buy from the company and move on to a company and title that will listen to you.
12/02/2018 01:42 AMPosted by KushiSensei
12/02/2018 01:26 AMPosted by traja

It will almost certainly, without any reasonable doubt, suck.

Touch screen controls are just bad. Blizzard may be able to perfect the controls but they will still be bad. Because it is not a problem that you can fix with software.

There are other reasons to think that the game will be bad. Like the age rating, dumbed down game play, microtransactions... etc. But with those you can always argue that they need to be seen before judged. The controls are different. The controls will be bad no matter what.

I wouldn't know about the controls of other games. From my own experience at Blizzcon, the controls took a little bit of time to get used to but after a few minutes, it became second nature. does that mean that everyone would be able to play it? no, as it varies between people.

My point is that judging anything before trying it out solely on the platform is pointless. Maybe this game will make a heap of money, maybe it won't. all i'm saying is that giving something the benefit of the doubt when it comes to mobile games isn't something taboo. like everything else - it's your choice to either play or not play the game when it launches. Just be sure to not be a %**#*#@% to those do decide to play the game and be respectful to those who decided not to, whatever they reasons may be.

Why can’t I judge a game before its released based on the platform? That makes no sense. I don’t play games on my phone, therefore I am writing it off based solely on the platform...
12/01/2018 10:15 PMPosted by Talu
Somehow this person missed all the videos on youtube that explain just why Diablo: Immortal is a pile of horse crap.

Blizzard is not making it, they simply gave the art assets to to the chinese company that made a ripoff Diablo 3 game and reskinned the game. Its filled with microtransactions, including pay to win elements where you have to pay to upgrade items.

I'm sorry, but why does a triple A company have to always beholden to their fan base? You guys responded negatively, but maybe, just maybe, the game wasn't for the PC D2 fans, but for the younger mobile gamers?

Who says they have to always make their IP's ONLY for a specific niche of their market? Warcraft was an RPG, and Blizzard branched out to an MMO which we all know the success behind that.

Diablo I believe just has a terrible community. We had one in D2, and nothings changed.
12/01/2018 08:45 PMPosted by Bowser
we want a good diablo 4 and we want it now.

This made me laugh so hard, god dammit
No one said D:I is a bad game, its just not for the PC market.

You don't try to sell a truck to a racecar market do you.
my hate for dimmortal is that it is for mobile only.
i wish they release some kind of mod or mini expansion for mac&pc.
btw i have phone.
and i know what i want.
do i?
YES I KNOW what i want blizz.
Diablo Immortal will be nothing like what we remember from our Diablo franchise. Just give up guys. Its over
12/04/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Starbuck
No one said D:I is a bad game, its just not for the PC market.

You don't try to sell a truck to a racecar market do you.
It's like blizz sold all those counterfeit Northface Denali's from China to like...serious-rock-climbers and explorers in the US.

And all those bootleg VHS copies of The Blair Witch Project during the pre-release theatre show with the hand/bag-cam in the back-row in NYC in 1996! His purse got in the way so you couldn't see like 1 hour of the movie (but you could still hear!).
12/05/2018 06:30 AMPosted by Slayer
Diablo Immortal will be nothing like what we remember from our Diablo franchise. Just give up guys. Its over

Pretty much. D3 is the end of the Diablo franchise. Hell it's the last decent game Blizzard made. The only decent products Blizzard made after 2012 were expansions - Reaper of Souls and Legion. The next WOW expansion after Legion turned out to be a pile of garbage...so it looks like Blizzard is done. Their games from this point are going to be bare minimum effort cash grabs with as many microtransactions as they can possibly put in. All of the actual talent has left Blizzard - they are a shovelware developer now. All they will do at this point is chase the latest gimmick and fill it with microtransactions.

It's time to move on. There are other developers FAR more deserving of your money than shovelware developers like Blizzard has become. I have seen games about farting that have more passion in them than anything Blizzard has made recently. The only way there will ever be another Diablo game is if someone else interested in making good games buys the IP after Blizzard folds.
you're also forgetting people pay to hear these PR announcements and end up getting no value for their dollars... in fact, the whole paying to hear pr at blizzconn is probably the entire reason why Blizzard's PR is terrible in the first place since it incentives them to piece meal out news
Have fun tapping your phone screen like a retarded 5 year old. That's not gaming dude lmao
You must love tapping a stud phone screen like a 5 year old. That's not gaming
You must love tapping a stud phone screen like a 5 year old. That's not gaming

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