Hows the Diablo 3 Population?

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Is there still millions of players playing?
10s of thousands maybe 100s of thousands but thats about it nowhere near what it was when it dropped. diablos gonna die when immortal drops and die for probly good
12/03/2018 03:09 PMPosted by AceSky
Is there still millions of players playing?
It's just you, these forums and the players you see in game are all in your head mannn!
Well if the stats on that one site that shall not be named are accurate, there's over a million bots still playing.
My guess is somewhere between 100-300k unique logins each season on PC.

No idea for console.
Multiply the max amount of players in the party with the amount of people playing torment ur on
I don't know, but in POE, even hours from league finish, there were a sheetload of people.
I think somewhere between 10k play in on PC. I can't speak for console or switch. Also, it doesn't matter if this game has 10k or 1 million player. Most players play solo; there is no trade and very little incentive to play with others.
Nobody honestly knows. Blizzard does not give any numbers and there is no way to see. We can assume trends like more people at the start of a season and fewer later in, but beyond that, nothing.
Doesn't matter what the actual numbers are, Blizz will just make up some number, delete others : )
Well.. there is at least a thousands since the Leaderboard is full. Funny that I am pretty sure I saw some leaderboard not going to 1000, once upon a time! :o

Haha, at any rate I am only playing the forum here.. no idea about the games since a few seasons...

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