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QoL thought I just had for Pub GRs (or Pub games in general). You can already open private games to public, I think a full 4-person public game should have the ability to be turned private. Then, if people like who they got matched with they can conveniently swap characters or reset bounty games without starting a new game and sending out invites. Pretty minor thing, but since they're making the one change I thought I'd throw it there.
Just message the other players, and ask them if they want to make a private game.

How is this different from having a button with a dialog box? (I am assuming this is what you are proposing)

I don't see any difference. Dialog box vs. messaging them? It takes 15 secs to make a new game and re-invite.
This would be a giant QoL for public game play.

Hopefully it makes it to live!

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