any ideas on making this chick BETTER???


if u look at my account wiz is BY FAR my favorite class, & the link listed is my most formidable wiz (but not the strongest [as far as sheet dmg])

other than finding p rolled primals & upping leg gems, i’m kinda stuck on how to advance..

i’m hovering solo gr 91-92.. it’s hit or miss depending on the run..

i pretty much play alone, & leeching off gr runs isn’t my thing..

any ideas for me??
Well, first off, you don't really need Aquila. You're better off using the full DMO set, replacing Familiar with Storm Armor and changing your cube ring to Halo of Karini. Your augments are pretty low. If you're on GR 91, you should be augmenting at 90 at the very least. Also your gems should be 1 level higher than your top GR minimum, so if your highest clear is 94, then your gems should be 95. Since you're not using a shield, your Blood Bracers are useless, but if you change to the aforementioned full DMO set and go with Storm Armor Power of the Storm with Halo of Karini, that would yield more damage mitigation than your Aquila and you won't have to worry about being at high AP for survivability. Check the Icy Veins build for DMO. This is the one I used for DMO pushing last season. I didn't get very high GR's as I'm not really a fan of the playstyle, but I know how to play it. You should be using Unstable Scepter instead of cubing it, cube Orb of Infinite Depth and run with Explosive Blast Chain Reaction.

Leeching off GR's isn't leeching if you're helping the group. The most useful group build for DMO is the Explosive Blast version, IMO. It's also my favorite DMO build.
Endless Walk set w/ CoE + Halo of Arlyse (one or the other cubed).

Magic Missile - Glacial Spike rather than Spectral Blade.

Your Templar needs gear w/ Oculus Ring. Very important for GR push imo.

Ice Armor is better for solos rather than Storm Armor to proc freeze. Magic Missiles freeze and Slow Time also stuns. Because of this you want to wear Ancient Parthan Defenders which will give you consistent damage reduction.

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