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I've never been one to go onto forums and actually post anything but at 30 years old I believe my time with Blizzard has come to an end. I was born in 88. A cousin of mine introduced me into my first Blizzard game which was Diablo1. I was still very young and remember not getting very far in Diablo1 because the game was frightening to me. I also spent a lot of time playing Starcraft1. Fast forward some years and Diablo 2 is released. I can still remember me and my friends from middle school getting in trouble in class for reading the guide that comes with the game instead of paying attention to our studies counting down the minutes until we got home so we could log into D2. We all had crappy computers and dial up but the countless and I mean countless hours my friends and I spent hanging out in lobby checking out each others gear, playing through the acts, and scrolling through the game listings/creating looking for PvP, trading, etc is something ill never forget. Diablo 2 was a game were you felt a true sense of community and have an absolute blast playing with so many different people. Fast forward some years and WoW is released. Another AMAZING game that consumed years of my life, literally. Some more years past and I'm getting older, working and taking care of myself and my family, not really playing games as much anymore but still browsing online often when what do I see??? DIABLO 3!!!!!!! Holy crap my mind is blown, I call my friends and family that enjoyed D2 with me in years past and they are equally STOKED about D3. Then D3 is released and wow this was not what I was expecting. I could list the reasons but we all know by now what a joke D3 was and still is in my opinion. I almost walked away from Blizzard and never looked back but I didnt. Something not so funny happened after my extreme disappointment with D3. I realized that D3 was intentionally hyped for money and ruined to save WoW subs. I stopped believing Blizzard cared about making great games and instead was more concerned about making money but I still stuck around like a hopeful fanboy. Gone were the days of watching the Blizzard logo on the load screen and loving the game that came with it but I still hung on until....... Diablo Immortal.......... Its kind of embarrassing to admit it because after all its just a video game but I can honestly say that when that announcement was made, my heart was broken. Thats the best way to describe it for me. You fooled me with D3 Blizzard. You got my money, but I can say this. You wont get another penny from me upfront ever again. I will never blindly buy another product coming out of this company ever again. I'm done. No more money from this guy. The only way I will stick with Blizzard after all this garbage since Activision came around is for Blizzard to go back to its roots and create a successor to Diablo 2 that is not only worthy of the name but a better version of it. D3 will forever be a slap in the face for me and Diablo Immortal was the last straw. Get it together Blizzard! I'm hoping you do, but I've already walked and currently only willing to look back if you deliver something truly amazing in regards to Diablo.
Didn't read anything you wrote but just wanted to say that if you hit enter it starts a new paragraph.

Like this.
At 30 years old you should know how to hit the enter instead of wall of text lmfao
30 years old and "fartsohard" is your forum name?

Are you sure you aren't 5?

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