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Bug Report
Após a atualização, no mac os, o ponteiro do mouse ficou congelado, não respondendo aos comandos.
Google Translated.
After updating, on mac os, the mouse pointer has frozen, not responding to commands
Apos atualização no Mac, ponteiro estar travando
Try running Diablo in Windowed or Windowed(Fullscreen) mode.
mine was fine before the patch now i have the same problem mouse is locked once you enter the game. I am playing on the same IOS and computer as before the patch. How to fix this?
12/14/2018 07:30 AMPosted by BrewMaster
How to fix this?
I'm assuming that you are on Mac OS X Mojave (you didn't specify).

Read the 2 first posts here :

The first post describes the issue and the first (of 2) workaround... ie, running Diablo in windowed mode -- either Windowed or Windowed(Fullscreen);

The second post describes another workaround and, once implemented, will allow you to run Diablo III in Fullscreen.

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