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Keyboard and mouse don't work after press play
Howdy Rar,

This is currently a bug on Mac systems. If you are running on a mac try the following command after launching the game to put it in Windowed mode.

Control (Command) + M to switch to Windowed.
so is there anything being done to fix the problem? that is a bandaid
Hello Siphone86,

There is another workaround -- not everyone like to run D3 in Windowed mode and, on some systems, Windowed mode causes issues.

The other workaround was first posted on the Europe Tech Support forum but Blizzard now seems to have adopted it; the Blizzard post is in the Mac Technical Support forum with several other conversations on the same topic... see

As far as a fix for the issue... who knows... the Developpers rarely (never ?) say what they are working on. This issue only seems to affect Mac OS Mojave. There was one post by Blizzard that kinda implied it was a bug however and that, hopefully, it would be fixed soon : . That was the only such post since the issue has arisen.
Thank you all!!
Ok, so running window'd is not a fix. It was working fine before the C update.

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