What do I do with all these materials?

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I'd post in Crafting sub, but console....

I've only been playing for a month (paragon 300ish) and I have sooo many crafting materials (+10k each) and gold (maybe 200mm isn't a lot?) and who knows how many gems (socketed everything on myself and followers with the flawless, no idea what the rest are for).

Should I be crafting things? It seems like the only gear I need is progression (ancient, etc.) Should I stop picking up yellows and blues? Am I missing some important crafting meta-game?

Thanks in advance for advice!
depending on your class, crafting is very important. Demon hunter for example really can take advantage of the hellfire amulet(its only player made).

Sometimes if you have some death's breaths to spare, you can craft a rare item of a slot you are looking to get a legendary for and craft those items and upgrade the rare to legendary (you can even get a primal this way assuming you did a GR70(or higher) solo. I've gotten a few primals by upgrading rares and even got some primals from kadala herself (nothing really useable for my characters, but its still a primal) bad primals = 15 soulsomething materials instead of 1 for a normal or 3 for an ancient.

Also, you can re-roll legendaries to possibly get an ancient or even a primal. Those are expensive rolls they cost 5 of each (bounty reward) mats + 50 soulsomethings.
Okay that's about what I thought. As a crusader trying to find Golden Flense I am pro at upgrading rares lol. (Finally gave up around 300 paragon, switched from Roland's to Akkhan and two dropped instantly. sigh.)

I've reforged twice and both times ended up with something worse. Expensive gambling but maybe when I hit GR70 the chance at a primal would be worth it.

Thank you for your answer!
Let me share my experience with crafting items and how I've found them to accumulate while I play Diablo 3. Firstly - let me say that it's great how you can store all of these materials with no inventory space taken. But because I tend to run rifts more than other activities - I tend to have more Arcane Dust,Veiled Crystal and Forgotten Souls but LACK in Dragon's Breath and Bounty materials for crafting.

Clearly this is to motivate the player so they are exposed to more variety of the game and explore new areas. But I find myself having too much fun in the rifts to be concerned about bounties to collect the items for crafting and upgrades!

Additionally - I found myself utilizing the crafting materials less during the search for ancient items and more now that I'm looking to upgrade set items or find primal items!

This is what I have at paragon 742

Crafting items:
•Reusable Parts (305)
•Arcane Dust (6669)
•Veiled Crystal (9866)
•Death's Breath (12)
•Forgotten Soul (1601)

Bounty items:
•Khanduran Rune (43)
•Caldeum Nightshade (63)
•Arreat War Tapestry (27)
•Corrupted Angel Flesh (2)
•Westmarch HolyWater (21)

Tainted abode
•Leoric's Regret (9)
•Vial of Putridness (3)
•Idol of Terror (3)
•Heart of Fright (4)

2b gold

You can clearly see that I spend most of my time at the smith salvaging my loot or smashing demons in the rift and less time doing bounties or opening portals in the tainted abode.

It would be interesting if we could use the cube to convert things like Arcane Dust into Deaths Breath. In the end it would mean more crafting and more potential gear rolls while sacrificing the "need" to play the verity. some would argue that it would impact the social aspect as well - because folks tend to group-up for bounties.
Looks like someone needs to do a few bounty act 4s :)

I think these mats:
Tainted abode
•Leoric's Regret (9)
•Vial of Putridness (3)
•Idol of Terror (3)
•Heart of Fright (4)

are only useful for making the hellfire amulets (again only useful for demon hunters). Not sure if any other class benefits as much as a demon hunter with hellfire amulets.

Im glad to know im not the only one trying to get deaths breaths.. it just seems like i cant get enough of them. I was thinking of trying that death breath farming gear build but im lazy :(
@REDACT3D my mat numbers are pretty similar to yours (except my forgotten souls are only around 300) and I've only been playing for, um, six weeks? (Whenever switch came out.)

You're right that I ran a lot of bounties. That's partly because I originally thought I was supposed to cube everything, but mostly because it felt more chill to test builds and torment levels as a newb doing bounties instead of rifts (fewer large groups with double/triple elites). Plus it felt at the lower levels I was having better luck with legendary drops from ocd clicking and clearing complete maps. Now I'm playing at T10 (I'm cautious and hate dying so it took me a while to realize I could handle it) and soooo many legendaries and double death breath (who knew) that I'm sure I'll just farm regular rifts now until I get bored with the randomness.

I guess because the game is old and largely unchanged there's this weird situation with all the materials. But I kept running across posts outside the console jail forum with people asking where to farm X and wondering wtf they were crafting that they needed to farm for.
12/11/2018 04:00 AMPosted by Taetew
Looks like someone needs to do a few bounty act 4s :)


Ayeeeee bud ha!

Like you I was considering a Death's Breath build with the Sages set (offered from the smith once unlocked) But I'm thinking that it would just be more efficient to instead put the effort into getting /faster/ at Torment 13 Nephalem Rifts. In Torment 13 Nephalem Rifts you get those 2-3 Death's Breath per Elite with a chance of encountering goblins all while collecting all that loot!

Good point - the bounties are little easier then committing to an entire rift before you have all the set gear! The main ting I found to impact legendary drops is the difficulty setting.

For instance if you set it to normal you'll get hardly any drops while at torment 13 almost every other item is a legendary! Oh - and It feels like the gear quality scales with your greater rift complete. so you get better loot the higher you go in your GR?

I was confused at also about the direction that you're meant to take to progress when I first started and drastically underestimated the power of the 'set' armors.
Basically I didn't switch from legendaries to my set when I should have and struggled with the rift progression.

You need those materials to re-roll your best gear (alternate- duplicate item) in hopes that it comes back a Primal!

recently did a youtube video upgrading my primal pig sticker here:https://youtu.be/LW47IFCuw8g

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