Darkening 2019 - Wirt's Leg issue

Bug Report
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The issue from 2018, where Wirt's Leg was being crafted as a blue item and therefore not producing the map of the stars upon salvaging, is back in 2019.
The sequence of actions to produce the plan have worked, but the blacksmith shows the weapon as a blue item. Salvaging this item only produces arcane dust and no map.
Please can you investigate this again and provide an ETA?
I'm having the same issue. Im playing on the switch. Please fix
Same problem here. Playing on PC. Any solution so far? (European Region)
I am having the same issue on pc. Same issue last year they forgot the hotfix again.
Same here playing switch. I would love an eta on fix time.
Same problem on XBox One. Would like the hotfix please.
Exact same issue on PS4. Blue Magic Wirts Leg instead of Legendary. Unable to get Map of the Stars.
Same here!! Exact same issue on PC. Blue Magic Wirts Leg instead of Legendary. Unable to get Map of the Stars. We are on Americas server.
Same, Just blew a million gold for arcane dust :P

Please fix Blizzard!
Was excited for this event to finally get the Map of the Stars but the writs leg only shows up as a magic item. Tried many times to salvage item but only produces arcane dust. Please fix the issue so we can finally get the Royal Cow that only comes once per year.
Same issue here, just chiming in hope it's fixed soon would love the cow pet I've been looking forward to it since I learned of the event
Any GMs wanna comment?
Same prob here non season and seasonal even tried getting the plans multiple times
My Wife and I both are having the same issue with salvaging wirts leg. It's blue.
So it can't be properly salvaged for the January quest.
Is there an ETA for the fix?
thank You
+1, same issue on PC.
Same problem in Asian region, please fix it!
same for me.
pls hotfix
It would be nice if we could get this fixed any time soon, I really want to have a little cow for a pet.
Same issue, but i doubt we will get a fix. Bilzzard are busy making mobile games.
Got the same issue too (PC - European region). Hope it will be fixed soon.

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