Raiment Needs Help

Okay on the top of my head, the raiment 4 piece bonus is really underwhelming.

  • (4) Set: Dashing Strike spends 75 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.
  • Proposed:
  • (4) Set: Dashing strike gains all runes and spends 25 Spirit, but refunds a charge when it does. You gain 60% damage reduction for 6 seconds after dashing.
  • If they gave the R6 set all dashing strike runes like you suggested or allowed the barrage rune and the blinding speed rune to be built into the set it maybe somewhat of a decent direction to start in.
    They should just get rid of the dashing aspect on Raiment altogether and focus on the generator aspect of it. Make it so using two different generators within ten seconds gives you damage reduction for ten seconds.
    I would fully get behind such a buff. Even so, I would take any reduction to DS cost in a heartbeat. 75 spirit cost is simply so expensive and limiting for gearing.

    DS is by far my favourite Monk build even if it struggles to clear GR60+. The current buff is greatly appreciated, but the cost of DS is certainly still a big issue in making the DS build GR-viable.

    I'm hopeful they'll revise the 4-set bonus later on.
    12/30/2018 07:24 PMPosted by Persedious
    They should just get rid of the dashing aspect on Raiment altogether and focus on the generator aspect of it. Make it so using two different generators within ten seconds gives you damage reduction for ten seconds.

    That's pretty much what spirit guards are for. Dashing aspect on Raiment makes it unique and gives monk great mobility.
    Okay hopefully this change will make it into the next patch, it's really simple number changes, blizzard please. The 4 piece bonus for the raiment set isn't good.
    Raiment wont be the best build for players under 6k paragon. It doesnt need help.
    i think this change came in with the f&r set, they wanted gen monk have a spender. pity that they choose that much spirit. nowadays the 4p "bonus" looks absolute crap. dmg wise this set will shine the brightest but is squishy as heck, no option for low para players and non optimal gear since you need at least 2.2 aps without buffs.
    So the buff is great damage-wise. I struggled with even GR60 before, but just blew right through it when I tried it.

    I also managed a 70, which is great, but toughness is definitely an issue. I think I could have cleared it in 7mins or less or so if I didn't keep dying, but ended with a 13min clear. I think DS-centric Monk could theoretically do GR90-100 if only DS didn't cost so much and we had some other source of toughness going.

    As far it looks for T13 speed farming, this build is definitely going to be pretty popular, imo.
    As expected, R6 Gen topdog with 130 clear already.
    I love DS monk , it's the only build that keeps me going back to play my monk. T13 clear times is a lot closer to the top builds now with the new damage buff, you can literally one-shot whites dashing between elites/champs. It now also becomes a viable in group bounty games.

    In terms of GR, dps is still lacking compared to gen builds. I am fairly well-equipped and managed to do an 80 in 3-ish mins without problems but I think its performance will taper off quickly at higher levels.

    I would like to see DS getting an increase in aoe, it'll make the build even more enjoyable.
    So it seems DS build isn't even on the radar this season despite buffs.

    Anyone have better luck with it?
    I managed to clear GR 93 HC with R6 .
    After using Dashing Strike Monk should Radiate an Area of 20yrd with Holy damage for 3 seconds = to 300% of the amount of your total dashing strike damage. And Stack with other Fists weapons, making (FleshRake) & (Jawbreaker) actually useful ( similar to Mantra of Conviction - submission just stronger)
    & OR
    Every DS" that doesn't use a charge, you should blast 1 free Cyclone strike = to %600 of dashing strike damage ( because it is slower )
    "IF" you hit an enemy with DS you get 50% dmg reduction for 5 seconds.

    While Attacking All of Crippling Wave Runes should be activated < I've said this many times. I just pray someone listens
    Or any of the lesser used attacks should have all runes activated, Deadly Reach/
    it will make ( Staff of Kyro ) useful.

    Monk already has a lot of Lightning Damage buffs, but no good combinations that do crazy amounts of lightning damage. add a lightning dmg buff do DS/ punch combo.
    Just my thoughts, I love monk and I REALLY want to love this build but i think most people avoid it- Blizzard please listen
    More toughness is good, but this will not change the META solo .... I explain.
    If you add 60% of dmg reduction on the set, some high paragon players will remove unity and add SoJ's , so we will not have the change we want.

    Suggestion is: Rework unity for "In addition to 50% of dmg reduction, add 5-10% for each member in the room"

    And yes, the set needs to be reworked, dashing strike needs to get the effect of all runes.

    And change the Rune "Blinding Speed" to:

    "" "Gain 40% increased chance to Dodge and gives CC immunity for 5 seconds after using Dashing Strike" ""

    IMO CC immunity is bether than dmg reduction in this build.

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