Wizard Shield Bubbles

I've been playing a few months and read different mechanic posts, but I didn't see much on the mechanics of the various shield bubbles.

1) If I use UNITY with my companion and Galvanizing Ward, does any damage the companion take stop me from resetting the shield (since it requires 5 seconds of no damage)?

2) Say I also use Dominance along with Galvanizing Ward. Which shield gets drained first? I would hope Dominance would since it is much more temporary, but I don't see any information on it and hoping someone knows for sure.

3) Finally, let's say you have Blur and Galvanizing Ward along with the Storm Armor 80% damage reduction proc from the ring Halo of Kanari. Does the damage reduction from the ring and Blur take place prior to reducing my shield health, or after? It seems dumb to do it afterwards, but I don't know and if it is afterwards I need to rethink things.

I appreciate any helpful replies. Been having fun with Diablo the last few months but not knowing this specific issue has been bugging me.
let me preface this with I haven't done any actual testing on these questions, but I run ashnagaar's blood bracers in several of my wiz builds. experience tells me that damage your follower takes (assuming they have the immortality item) does not get applied to either your shields or your health pool. that one should be easy to test though.

I'm not sure about dominance priority over galvanizing ward, but in my experience if you're taking enough damage in a quick enough succession for it to matter you're doing something wrong anyway.

lastly, i'm fairly certain that damage reduction is applied before any health or shield damage is taken.

I'm sure someone knows what you're asking, but that's my perception on it.
This thread should answer many of your questions about shield mechanics. It is a significantly older thread, but many, if not all of the mechanics remain the same.


On your #1 question about Unity: The typical use for this ring historically has been to wear one on character, one on follower, and use the do not die token to effectively turn it into a 50% DR item in a solo setting. I would have preferred if it just gave 50% DR, and then we'd have been able to use it in group, but that was never implemented.

On #3: Damage Reduction will reduce incoming damage before that damage is applied towards shields. This means the shields will be just as strong as HP when it comes to considering DR.

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