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I am just wondering if everyone enjoys sets, or the older D1-2 style of mix and match legendaries, and sets not required.

Personally, I do like the simpleness of not wondering what to use, just plug and play set, and bonus granting items and ur good to go, but it leaves little room for unique builds. The only thing I do not like, is almost every character I see has the same gear on, just different stats.
Do you like the sets, not like sets, or dont care (insert random POE dig and go troll more forum posts)?
Sets do have both pros and cons. The big benefit is that they provide quick way to power your character. On the other hand they do funnel you to use very specific skills and such.

While almost all classes have one general purpose set (IK, Akkhan, etc.), the lack of build diversity is made worse by the support items which buff specific skills to astronomical level. A lot people want to blame the sets for lack of build diversity but it's really the support items, they are the real problem. Because of them a lot of skills remain unused.
Sets themselves aren't bad, after all people who opted to complete a set should be rewarded with it's full power and benefits. The problem however is that sets are mostly the only way to go forward in the game.
There have always been sets the problem is having them selected for you in advance inhibits innovation. For those that don't prefer to just copy someone else.
All sets require too many pieces... I'd love if Blizzard could just make sets range from 2 to 4 pieces per set. It would allow so much more creativity when making builds.

Add more useful legendaries and voilà.

Now we know this won<t happen in D3, but I hope that if they do make sets strong in D4 that it will allow us more freedom and not just force us into one or another boring build.
I just started playing in the last week or two, but I enjoy sets. There is still a lot to mix and match even with a set, and some give a lot of flexibility as to what skills to use. For the Firebird's set, Arcane Torrent is the Go-to but Disintegrate gets the bonus as well. For Tal Rasha and Vyr, there's a lot of combinations you can make. There will always be the numerically best options that people find, with or without sets. I do wish there were more sets though.
The thing with sets, is that they make most items irrelevant. It makes most items... well, not fun. When itemization is not fun, it makes the loot hunt not fun. When the loot hunt is not fun... what is left? When there's barely any character diversity, what is left?

D3 had a lot of potential, but the itemization constantly held it back.
Sets are alright as a concept, I had no problem with save their huge damage bonus for the 6pc bonus. The major problem is the disparity between set to non-set builds and how the game is balanced with the assumption that you'd absolutely be using a set. A fully non-set build (this includes LoN as it is a set), the game feels appropriate challenging in the higher torments. A well built all-legendary build can still get through T13, even with only a modest 900-1000 paragon. It's not easy farmsville mode, but it can be done. But as soon as you slap on a 6pc set bonus you can one shot everything in T13 very easily, which doesn't feel right for what should be a maximum difficulty.

It's that feeling that Blizzard is attempting to shove you into sets that is not cool. Sets feel mandatory if you want to do any kind of efficient farming for materials to run GR and use the Cube for all it's purposes.
I loved the original sets Diablo 3 offered. They had cool powers, but those powers were mostly in line with legendary powers.

I remember back when I had a whirlwind barb that was based completely on positioning to use the fire chain from Maximus for the majority of its damage. I remember using the original IK set to help support the rage cost of whirlwind because it was tough back then.

A lot of the cool powers have been made obsolete by high damage modifiers, which is just boring.
12/10/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Dreyda
I loved the original sets Diablo 3 offered. They had cool powers, but those powers were mostly in line with legendary powers.

Agree. Once upon a time, sets offered interesting utility. Effects like the original M6 design of sentries auto firing. These days, the 6pc damage bonus eclipses any interesting design a set may have... I mean who looks at the 2 and 4 piece MOTE bonuses? We just care about that 6pc damage bonus now.
I hate when itemization is set in stone.
I absolutely love... LOVE sets!

My favorite is Marauder but it's been weaker in the past. I'm hoping it will become more end-game viable in Season 16 with all the bonus increase.

I've been using Unhallowed Essence in Season 16.

Even playing my summon Druid on Diablo 2 the past couple of days. I jumped out of my seat in excitement finding those Sigon set pieces by normal Baal, and then eventually Iratha's set (quite OP for level 15), as I can even use it all the way into Hell difficulty.
Yes, sets are good. I'd like to see them expand most sets to having more items than are needed for the bonuses so that you can mix and match in a more interesting way.

They do tend to lock you into a certain playstyle, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? And of course you've got lots of freedom with non-set legendaries to compliment the build.
Sets aren't really the problem since you're getting roughly the same amount of effects as you would equipping legendaries. D2 didnt have green items, but every build still had its "set".

The problem is with the modifiers. If a set takes 6 items to make a skill do a bajillion damage along with a handful of secondary effects, then there needs to be a combination of non-green items that collectively deal approximately the same amount of damage but offer different secondary stats compared to the set. That way you have choice, and that's all people want.

People that dont want sets want to end up at the same power level as what a set provides but have the choice to pick the secondaries, and I agree with that thinking.
12/10/2018 10:25 AMPosted by Oblivion
Sets themselves aren't bad, after all people who opted to complete a set should be rewarded with it's full power and benefits. The problem however is that sets are mostly the only way to go forward in the game.

And that's because endgame is a one dimensional power creep sadly.
Sets are not good simply because they lock 6 (or 3 I guess) item slots on your character. As a means of progression sure, but as the ultimate endgame build they are just bad.
The unique abilites sets provide can all be placed into specific legendary items instead, and simply remove the crazy multipliers, as they are not neccesary.
They also typically dictate the playstyle in ways you might not like.

Take Delseres for example. What if the 2pc bonus was added to a shoulder legendary, and the ST (slow time) dmg reduction to maybe a headpiece? The 6pc being removed cause its just number tuning. Suddenly now you can choose whether you want that defensive ST bonus, or whether you want the 2pc effect. Maybe you just want to use Triumvirate and Unstable scepter and skip the rest because you don't fancy having to drop bubbles all the time to do dmg. The tradeoff? You miss out on the utility slow time provides.
But atleast you get to choose.

Now, if I want an orb build, I must either drop slow time for some random reason or cycle through 4 different elements. I guess I could always dial down the difficulty and have fun beating trivial content, but thankfully my mind hasn't deteriorated to that point just yet.

The good news is that they are buffing LoN next patch, which mean I could run Orb without those restrictions mentioned above at a higher lvl than currently. The ring slots are still restricted however, and the level will still suck.
I like sets well enough. I generally play what I like though, regardless of whether I can run high gr's with the build or not.

I'm also one of the people who thinks they should try giving us Lon as a passive. They should also have a legendary for every class skill.
So if we remove sets from the game. Then you would end up with a total of 7-14 builds total for the game.

Instead of green prices being requirement for top builds you will have xyz orange prices requirement for top builds.

It doesn't fix anything to remove the set. I would argue removing sets would do way way more harm then good.
Why can't we have both?
I do like the sets . But it would be nice to have supported uniques as well so people who want diversity could sport their favorite gears and have them be usable too .

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