Season 16 Start Date Announced

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Looks like January 11th.

Again, kinda easy to miss when it’s buried among blue posts from a year ago at the top. There has got to be a better way for Blue posts to be more prevalent.
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perfectly miss my holiday break. well done, blizzard, your holiday is more important than ours. thanks.

It shows up between "ending support for XP/Vista" (old news) and "2.6.1 hot fixes" (old news).

Those links are greyed out (ie read) for me.

The new link shines brightly.
Using the homepage is overrated!
why am i not surprised
wow, another month... jesus.
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Blizzard keeps failing.
They can't release a patch with a few number
changes, in time for the holidays.
12/05/2018 05:16 PMPosted by BrownieMix

Hum ...... what about "Diablo Anniversary Event" ??? (^^)
another month season 15 WTF -.- cmon blizzard....
Probably because the extra armory slots nobody wanted was giving issues.
so long, cant wait -_-
12/05/2018 05:34 PMPosted by WCLee
12/05/2018 05:16 PMPosted by BrownieMix

Hum ...... what about "Diablo Anniversary Event" ??? (^^)

That should happen on schedule no matter what is going on with Seasons. Of course, there will be some confusion about start time.
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Jesus wept. Anybody who works and gets a couple of days off over xmas is now screwed.

Could have been a great xmas break with something to actually do considering how stale wow has become. Shame really. Makes me quite angry I must admit.
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Another swing and a miss for Blizzard. How much disappointment can you pile on in a single year?
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Yeah waiting another month is ridiculous. How many posts are on here asking to have it start early? Why end the ptr so early if you plan to release it a month away? Jesus blizz that was the least you could do is give the community what it wanted for a change. Now I have to use sick time instead of free holidays to get a good beginning start smh...
extra time to enjoy the Double Bounty Cache buff.

How thoughtful...
What a GARBAGE start date. Think about it start it BEFORE the holiday. Diablo wants to just bury this game as there stock Tanks because of poor choice after poor choice.
Wonder why it takes so long for this patch to be released over a month
hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhah Blizzard hates so much to work LOL

Also hates you, its fanbase.
The devs have to realize that bringing all these sets up in power, showing us that power for a week on the PTR, then not releasing it for 2 months creates a vacuum, right? Theres a period right now where playing feels bad, simply because you know you're so close to being so much more powerful. I want to play my UE DH, but why would I bother when I know after the next patch Ill be nearly 4x as powerful?

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