Season 16 Start Date Announced

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Probably more to do with the holidays than anything else since most folks are out of office from mid December to beginning of January.

The bounty thing is just more business talk that they are doing this in consideration of their users.

I don't recall them ever starting a new Sesaon around mid December so we should have expected this. Would have been nice if they broke the mold and did it since the community has asked for it, but then, when did they listen to the community. :)
Just saying... the switch players are really happy about double bounties and some are still learning how to play the game properly (not really the kind of games nintendo gamers are used to). I'm guessing this decision was made for the new Switch players and those who just don't want to lose the double bounties.
just awful.

what was the point of the rushed 1 week PTR if the content wasn't going to be released until well over a month later?

why not release your "content" just before the holidays so people have something to waste their time on?

just clueless on multiple fronts as usual
I'm just here to watch the world burn.
This is what happens when you have an "always online" game. It always tends to bring much waiting followed by dissappointment.
mannnnn are you serious?

I would assume everyone would want s16 to start around the holidays so we could grind while we have time off from work/school. At least that's what I was counting on...

why make 15 so damn long, we've been on 2.6.1 forever...
blizzard is compounding bad moves on top of bad moves, but at least we have phones "trust me guys its fun"...
I genuinely feel sorry for those that still play D3.

''and give players extra time to enjoy the Double Bounty Cache buff''

I honestly am starting to be done with all this. They release a patch for a week. Take it down. Silence since, only to tell us they are going to make this one of the longest seasons I can remember knowing we are eager to try out some of these new buffs and the rrog buff. Knowing that a huge proportion of people are probably going to be off for a break for winter. Wait till breaks are for sure over to release. Good stuff.
Will it still be the same old boring solo rift grind? How about being able to trade items again and rifts not being the focus of gameplay
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :*(
I definitely get why this is a letdown for the PC crowd. For us the season is rather long in the tooth at this point. I mean, if I was able to hammer out my latest stash slot (finally!) in just under three weeks of on and off playing, I can imagine that those who had their seasonal goals finished weeks ago have been itching for a new season for a while now.

I have my suspicions that this delay was more to give the Switch players time to acclamate to the game so they were better prepared for seasonal play than anything else. It wouldn't really have been fair to all of those new players coming in over the holidays to come into something already in progress.

I won't lie though - I know how the players feel right now after the massive letdown at BlizzCon and the subsequent radio silence from management. To the PC players it feels like a sharp backhand to the face after the last month.

There isn't much anyone can say that's going to make it feel any better, but at least all versions of the game will be on the same playing field when the new season goes live.

Could be worse - this could have been Fallout 76 and the subsequent customer data leak via the support system. ;)
and they screw this up too...
I mean it's a month BEFORE this season ends....ugh.
Good old Blizzard, build hype with the PTR only to have it be dead before it actually happens.
Just like the forges are burning video, then to tamp it out with the blog to then kill us at Blizzcon.
So we've been hyped by the PTR, to now be tamped out by this post and be killed with the inevitable nerfs prior to S16.
And they probably still sit around and wonder why we're pissed.
Tyvalir? How many community managers do we have? How many people does it take to ignore everything we are saying?
I'm just here to watch Blizzard screw it over and over, munching popcorn while I'm hyped about PoE 3.5.
really wanted to enjoy new patch during hollydays... even without season 16, at least the patch content in non-season.
Well, at least this time they know their crowd will not like it. Nice locked thread, blizz.
12/05/2018 06:18 PMPosted by Hindsight
Now I have to use sick time instead of free holidays to get a good beginning start smh...

So, you're going to defraud your employer by lying about being sick to play D3?
Such bad news, I really wanted to keep D3 installed but this lack of support for the fanbase is really disheartening. There's literally nothing left to do in D3 season end game after capping out the Season Journey that makes it worth playing for another month, waiting for Dec was long enough. :/
Again. Disappointed.
Ridiculously stupid move.

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