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QOL request for future patch (if there is)

1.) Triangle of ease: The book of cain, Kadala and Haedrig Eamon are within 10 yrds of each other in all acts (this will eliminate people asking which act to start, I actually prefer the random starts)

2.) Options of auto pick up of mats or Let us choose which mats we can auto pick up

3.) Add paragon distribution per 1000 (keep the 10 and 100 interval)

4.) Items tagged that are in armory (prevents accidental salvage) or Once it's in armory, the items are stored there instead, not in the stash or inventory but still have the option to remove gems at any time (this will solve the stash problem).

5.) All town portal moved near to waypoint but not too close to it and the banners. (act 1 is right next to the armory and too many miss clicks to portal instead of the armory. Act 2 is the best example for location).

6.) Boss fights notification (Either decrease the size or add transparency as it disrupts gameplays when this notifications suddenly blocks your gameplay). Best example of a good placement for boss fight notification is the invite player on lower right, the boss fight can be on the upper left, next to the player avatars.
award a 1 second timer extension for every GR level clear.
(i.e if you clear a GR100, your GR101 will start with a 15 mins + 100 seconds)
01/01/2019 11:26 PMPosted by roscoe
award a 1 second timer extension for every GR level clear.
(i.e if you clear a GR100, your GR101 will start with a 15 mins + 100 seconds)

Eventually people will be clearing GR 140 solo in 30 mins :D wake up
Love the idea of cosmetic pet picking up EVERYTHING that takes up no inventory slot (money, blood shards, and crafting mats)

And would welcome either forgotten souls and death's breath dropping from bounty caches or bounty mats dropping from rifts.... Either or honestly
12/22/2018 10:14 AMPosted by happynikon
4.) Items tagged that are in armory
Best idea here. On the item's tooltip right below "Required Level: 70" it could have the set name.
option to show numerical values of hp/resource above their respective globes
let me to continue moving while area(tab) map is open
option to reduce or make transparent other players' ability effects
option to bind Mouse1 to move only (but still able to pick up items with it) coupled with the option to rebind that Mouse1 skill slot
Legacy of the horadrium is now kanias cube if that makes sense instead it should be more items
Have actual rng for floors

Amazing how every floor is a cluster fudge of constipated paths with arcane shielding and illusionist.

Don't think i have ever seen a floor that wasn't a fields of misery, the graveyard etc
Looks like #6 is getting addressed and stash problem of #4

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