Does anyone actually want Diablo 4?

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12/31/2018 12:48 PMPosted by Exuri
Not anymore

Pretty much agree with this. Activision Blizzard has shown a lot of incompetence this last year so furthering the Diablo franchise would probably only yield more disappointment.
I want to see it but have very low hopes. It will take just too long and will most likely end up sucking. It looks like the franchise is doomed, if not outright dead at this point.
12/31/2018 03:50 PMPosted by NeueZiel
If if comes out cool. Hope that Blizzard makes something respectable that long time die hard Diablo fans would love. If there is no D4 no biggie personally as I came into the franchise with D3. I have not play much D3 so I kind of slowly weed off the game.

Keep hoping.
with games like poe that has been taking it to the next level and builds on its self
i don't think a d4 can even compete considering blizzard sadly is not willing to put time in to there own games anymore
Yes. I do not want any more D3. I'd like D2 remastered and D4. D4 must be the best of D1 2 and 3. Atmosphere of 1, skill and item customization of 2 (improved) and combat fluidity of 3.
I would consider a diablo 4 with the following content:
-upgraded graphic
-solved all life quality issues
-solved all game mechanic issues
-blizz gives us countinously new content and countinous support (not only speaking about doing something).
-new character class
-new act, monsters
-the diablo 3 profile should have been imported completely
-new items, gems and so on....
-more variable end game
-balancing the stupid RNG
-improve chat

Something like this...
PoE would not be relevant had Blizzard actually released a worthy sequel to D2 any time in the last 17 years. It's just sad how they gave away the ARPG market.
Sure, why not? I dont have to buy it, if I dont like it. Blizzard has proven they can create great content and if they come up with some new ideas and a great way to customize a character the game has my attation.
Still I will not buy it at release and wait until there is resonable review online (especially about the endgame).

Blizzard will not just disappear just because they screwed up hard this year. They made greate games and will continue making greate games. I am also fine with micortransactions and there are games out there which implemented it without getting hate. But Blizzard has to stop beeing greedy and trying to milk every game.

I also hope, they start communicating with their player base.
Truth of the matter is this:

No matter what the Devs come up with for a new D4 game, you are going to have people that enjoy it and people that hate it.

There will be cries of frustration that something is not like it used to be, and praise for things that are different.

They will compare it to D3/D2/D1 and try to rationalize why those were better/worse.

How do I know this? Because it has been done before, and will be done again. Just a matter of when.

Game on.
The way the Devs are killing this game, I wish D4 will never be released just so that whatever shred of sweet memories I had that remains within this Diablo franchise will be left un-butchered.

Truth is, even till now I'm still feeling sour that Decard Cain was killed in such an undignified way by a stupid butterfly. And the Devs didn't even bother to make a proper animated cut-scene for such an iconic figure who was the main link between the stories in Diablo 1,2&3.

Also, not only did they killed the gameplay by removing the dark and grim atmosphere with cartoon-ish ones (unicorns and carebears...seriously?), even the story writing left nothing to be desired. To me, the only thing that is commendable in D3 is the superb voice acting of the characters.

So please, unless the Diablo fanchise is being handled by a totally different new group of devs with a real passion for diablo, please...please don't create a D4.
At this point no. They could not even finish the story for D3 which was terrible. Well Reaper of Souls was actually not bad but classic D3 sucked for the most part story wise.

The best they could no is start over and redo all the lore.
I would. only bought diablo 3 a few days ago, but i'm loving it.
I don't want Diablo 4 for the same reason I don't want a new Sim City, The Sims, Command & Conquer, Fable, Black & White, Dungeon Siege, Civilization, WoW, or a sequel to the other 500 franchises I love that are being ripped constantly...

The IP currently belongs to the wrong people.

They belong to people who don't care about the games. People who don't play the games. People who are only working on the games because that's their assignment and that's what they have to do even if they hate it. And all kinds of other people who have other reasons to only care about money who don't know that actual humans play they're games rather than ATM's with arms and glasses.

The only thing these vampires know how to do anymore is suck money out of popular IP's until they're dry then move on to the next victim to suck dry. They excite us with an announcement, suck the product dry, then move on the the next big announcement to distract us with.

And wanna know the worst part about this business model??? works...

It works way better than focusing all your efforts on just one game forever.

That's the thing that's driving down the quality of games and driving up the total amount of money we spend on them.

Welcome to the future video games.
Welcome to the present video games.

Personally I want a diablo 4, but with blizzard as a company in it's current state it not worth asking for.

As Buckles stated, the game industry is in the worst state it ever been. Why try to make a perfect game when you can just make a imperfect game knowing people will still buy it.
12/31/2018 09:50 PMPosted by Jamesixchain
Personally I want a diablo 4, but with blizzard as a company in it's current state it not worth asking for.

As Buckles stated, the game industry is in the worst state it ever been. Why try to make a perfect game when you can just make a imperfect game knowing people will still buy it.

You mean like black ops 4 that has the same bugs black ops 3 had?

I believe they should work on a d2 or d3 expansion rather than a new game. Its what the players really want in the end. POE is proving this about every month or so by now with market shares going up instead of down with an existing game.

Making new games only splits the playerbase and communities that make those games what they are. Fact is D4 will never be better than a d2 expansion.
my opinion, as i've mention this before: stylistically, graphically, from gameplay perspective diablo 3 is a masterpiece and i deeply respect those people who created it. yes, it can be darker and more grim, but im okay with what it is.

if this game would get constant content updates every few months, large packs, balancing changes even if it would be forced to become subscription-based or whatever, i would be the happiest person in the world.

just think about it, the game is abandoned for several years and im still playing it just because how awsome it looks and how awsome combat flow is. thing is, i dont know what d4 is and if blizzard is capable of creating something epic nowadays, but d3 is good for me, it just needs new expansions, large free seasonal update packs and it can live for another 5 years easilly, it needs path of exile treatment in terms of new content.

again, this is just my opinion and feelings.
Wanting D4 ? Yes. Getting D4 in a reasonable amount of time or at all ? No.

They've basically stood there naked at blizzcon with nothing than their cellphone recycle to announce - they did not even talk about something for PC being in the makes - nada, nothing. All that tells me if you seriously want to wait for a D4 PC version you may wait another 3-4 years, and thats fully optimistic - chances are great it may take even longer.

Also the big question is are they even going to develop something for the PC at all in future ? Didnt appear to me like they're very interested in doing so - the worst case would really mean that D3 was the last diablo PC project. And well, if thats how it turns out, happy cellphoning y'all and bye good old PC times.
Diablo 3 is fine.

Diablo Immortal is a joke.

Diablo 4 sounds interesting.

Diablo 2 HD would be glorious.
12/31/2018 04:20 PMPosted by Krine
What happens if they give it the HoTS treatment that since Diablo 4 is entering an already-saturated market (PoE) it's not worth the money? But in this case, they decide it's not even worth making to completion and releasing (in other words, game is cancelled).

Path of Exile fell into one of the same traps as Diablo 3 did:
Exponential returns from gear-induced damage.

The support gem system is freaking cancer.
Heck -- the very skill gem system is cancer.

If they had different characters with different abilities, having one that sockets everything because he or she has no skills of his or her own -- that would be fine.

But it feels too much like Diablo 3 and too little like gothic / fantasy ARPGs when all your character's power comes from your gear.

Simple test:
Try to kill a common zombie without any gear as a spellcaster, or with a simple non-magical weapon as a weapon user in the different games at the highest difficulty.

Diablo II: Tough, tedious, but doable.

PoE: You can't; You deal no damage what so ever.

Diablo 3: You can't. You deal no damage, and you are ragdolled over the rooftops in one single hit.

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