Does anyone actually want Diablo 4?

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or no one actually knows that they want it.

the truth is i don't like diablo 3 anymore. no one does... i don't like diablo immortal either.. .

So much arrogance here.

Firstly, we all know whether we want something or not. We don't need anyone to tell us what we want.

Secondly, I still love Diablo 3. You can't speak for everyone except yourself.

Lastly, unless you've played Diablo Immortal, you can't know it will be a terrible game. I play mobile games and PC games so I will definitely at least try DI before I draw any conclusions about it.
All of you need to stop making me laugh right this second.

You definitely don't want D4, because there is no possible way it can be 1% as good as PoE already is. You can quote me on that.

PoE is the best game ever conceived, period. If you like Diablo and haven't tried it, you are seriously missing out and it's as simple as that.

PoE is 100% PERFECT. It is straight up perfect, I've played it for hundreds of hours and I literally can't say a single bad thing about it. Not ONE. It's freakin brilliant straight across the board. And I guarantee you Diablo sucks because all the devs are playing PoE.



So go play POE and stop wasting your time posting on the D3 forums.
The answer is yes, most of the people here want D4.
If you want evidence, just look at all the crying from all the entitled gamers over diablo immortal and the new D3 patch not coming out early.

All of this is caused from their own self imposed hype and SPECULATION. Now, they are salty enough to constantly make these anti-blizzard posts because Blizzard is not coming out with enough updates to satisfy them on a 9 year old game that doesn't bring in any money.
Would love to see D4, sadly I do not see it happening. They are trying to cut costs so they will likely stay on the path of mobile games. They are cheaper and easier to develop.
I'm fascinated by folks saying Diablo 3 sucked eggs but still hang around. Amazing really.

The devs. fixed a lot of issues I had with the game and caused me to move on in the first place. It's not perfect, but I enjoy it honestly. So yeah, as long as they learned from D3 in terms of content and engine, I'm good for D4.
12/31/2018 03:05 PMPosted by ETpagh
I'd prefer a D3 DLC or expansion TBH.

I always wanted a second expansion more than d4. It's nice that we got some assets from it but a shame they cancelled it. More content in this game would be cool.

I have very much enjoyed Diablo 3 since they redid loot and added difficulty levels in vanilla. I think the loot could use some balancing but I don't wish there was trading or anything like that.
01/15/2019 07:29 AMPosted by Vendetta
Would love to see D4, sadly I do not see it happening. They are trying to cut costs so they will likely stay on the path of mobile games. They are cheaper and easier to develop.

But how much of a cash cow is it? A mobile off-shot of a franchise doesn't mean it's the direction. As long as folks will still pay for it, they'll develop it. Simple as.
I do not want Diablo 4. But I will buy it years from now when I have no choice anymore. I would prefer to pay full price of 60-80$ for an expac on D3 vs buying a new game and starting over from scratch with higher graphics demands fresh technical and build issues, fresh balance issues, and most importantly having to play through the entire pointless arbitrary walls of convenience blizzard seems compelled to allow elitist players to insist exist. (Stash space.) IDRC about the pay walls (hero slots,) as much. Those I expect form a corporation. With the exception of things like the appearance changer lady. We will probably have to wait for those to be released as pay walls again and the wait sux.

Just my position.
I have found this site which seems to be some development on a possible Diablo World type game

I personally would be excited if it was really dark and scary kind of MMO
Sure I want Diablo 4, but not on a phone! It's one of the few games that I'll play on PC. Just make it fun, dark & gritty, challenging and a good story to bind it all together. Plus larger groups to play with, a game lobby and trading - just throwing it out there, no worries.

So yeah, I want D4. I support Blizzard, not Activision. BTW: I will not pre-order.
I liked the story line for D3,if they could open up the story line for D4, similar to WoW,where they could add areas, new quests and such , I would like D4 if just grind grind grind, then NO!!1
I would like a Diablo 4 that's on PC and Mobile. I would like the mobile version but it's better to have a bigger online community.
I don't see a problem with emersive gameplay and a mobile or PC version.

Maybe this account leveling should start immediately so hardcore players have some compensation for playing the first 60 levels.
Yes i want diablo 4 if it's a master piece of his time just like D1 and D2 have been for me when i was kid, No if it's a cache grab with the name tag Diablo on it
I want D4.
And i would play a Diablo MMO too.
For each of these, well balanced, patched and supported over the years, i would not only pay the buy price, but also a monthly fee of up to 50 bucks.
It seems they don't ever want anyone to finish the current Diablo on PC. I can't imagine them making a Diablo 4.
No, not at all. New games are totally bogus. I like things.

I play snake on my old nokia. I hate the newer versions of snake. Black and white is the shiz. I enjoy the good old days. After i beat the game, I do a handstand pushup and in a moment of pure primal instinct, I clap my hands multiple times. I do this over and over. I win every time.
I absolutely want Diablo 4. I remember what Diablo 2 was like for me: it was challenging but addictive, it had this really creepy atmosphere that left an emotional impact on me, the world was mysterious and left me wanting to know more. The same, for me, can be said about PoE and I really hope Diablo 4 will do the same. I'm cautious but optimistic. I play a lot of Civ and when Civ 5 came out there were similar complaints about the game being simplified too much, about certain mechanics that were detrimental to the game, etc. Players in the community were constantly comparing it to Civ 4 and how much deeper and satisfying the previous game was; but in the end the developers were able to learn from their mistakes and gave us Civ 6, a game that continued in the new direction of Civ 5 but addressed a lot of issues players were unhappy about by introducing new mechanics that added depth. So there is hope.

Diablo 3 isn't a bad game per se. It's a really easy game to get into, I don't have to do research about stat points because those are already chosen for me, I can boot up the game after a hiatus and not have to worry about balancing updates, etc. And that's really nice, it's just that after a few weeks I'm left with wanting more, something more complex.

So, yeah, I'm anxious to see what Diablo 4 will be like.
I will NOT speak for anyone but myself, because I know how emotional people can get about things like this, especially Blizzard products.

Personally, I'm skeptical but can't help myself and wait for D4. This is just my opinion, but this'll be the last Blizzard release I support UNLESS they deliver.

I know I'm not alone in my disappointment. NOT EVERYONE, but enough Blizzard loyalists have been unsettled as of late. This one HAS to deliver.

As far as I'm concerned, because of their masterpieces (D2, SC1, WC2), Blizzard's earned a couple of mistakes.

If they deliver on D4, we will all be back with ALL PRIOR SINS FORGOTTEN.

It's impossible to appease the entire world, but Blizzard has neglected their base for too long. I have a really strong feeling that it's all over. I have a strong feeling that the Blizzard I fell in love with as a kid is long gone, but I'm still on their forums in 2019. So, despite the current direction of Blizzard's trends and YEARS of disappointment, I still have hope.

Ultimately, they're way too big to give a !@#$ about a customer like me, but if D4 is a cookie-cutter imitation devoid of a Blizzard touch, I will NOT be back here for D5.

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