Pushing past 108 (Tals)

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I seem to have hit a wall and I'm not sure how to get passed it. My gear is pretty solid, although it would be nice to have meteor damage on my source. I think that my main issue is damage, but everything that I try either makes me too squishy or starves me for AP.

Maybe I just need a bunch more paragons? It'd be nice to have double crit on my amulet, but my CHC is already pretty high.

Suggestions welcome.
Yeah, I think Paragon is your only real issue. The Meteor damage on source would be nice, but the APoC is a little better, IMO. You could channel Ray of Frost instead of Arcane Torrent then swap the APoC on your source to meteor damage. That may help, but really I think paragon is the only thing that will help. Another thing you can try is replacing the topaz in your armor with rubies to get more armor if you feel squishy. Either way, 108 with just over 1300 paragon is pretty impressive.
Thanks. Yeah, I've tried switching to RoF but without any APoC, even that isn't enough to keep Aquila's up. I just about cleared 109 by swapping out Aquila for Magefist but it wasn't quite enough.

I may give rubies a shot. I wonder how many more paragons I'll need for 109?
I cleared 108 this season with starpact, will attempt 111 soon.

I think at that level it is less about gear and more about skill, strategy and fishing for the right mobs/pylons/rg.

Your sheet damage is fine, adding 500 paragon will yield you 2500 int which is only 11% more damage with your 17k int and it is less than 1 rift level (17%).

Edit: I had to give up CoE for Unity because while CoE is amazing, the amount of fishing it'd require is insane.

Also lol.. we're 3 positions away on the LB..
Boom, just cleared 109. It wasn't even that good a rift. I incrementally improved my bracers, gems and paragons and I guess that was enough.

As an side, does anyone have an opinion on Elemental Exposure versus Unwavering Will? It seems to me like the latter should do more damage, but EE just feels like it's more powerful.

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