Is D3's story good?

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12/06/2018 12:23 AMPosted by Aguy
I bet you were telling everybody who liked the black album that they weren't real Metallica fans, too.

Guys from Metallica been making the music they themselves were enjoying in first place. Always have. It is still true to whatever crap they play now.

Guys from Blizz know the story...shareholders and stuff bla bla bla..
As someone who despises D3, I would argue that it's not the story that's bad. The basic outline for the story was actually alright.

It's just the writing/dialogue is so unbelievably godawful and the atmosphere is so childish that I've seen DBZ villains that are more deep and full of depth than this.

I've posted this before in a thread a long time ago, but just look at these lore books. Look and listen at the difference of the quality vs quantity of the first 2 games vs D3 in atmosphere/writing/depth.

Diablo 1: Tale of the Three

Diablo 1: The Great Conflict

Diablo 2: The Moldy Tome

Diablo 3: Seven Lords of Hell

Although, I have to say, I really liked Malthael as a villain in RoS. He was probably the only villain in the entire game that was not a one-dimensional braindead cardboard cutout.
Honestly I think even saying “the story was okay, the delivery was awful” is too kind.

The delivery WAS awful, but the story doesn’t make an ounce of damn sense either.
Not really, I would also say that not comparing it to the earlier Diablo stories also isn't right, since this is a continuation of those stories. As a continuation it's just 100% retcon, and weird. Further the overall arcs of the story are kinda meh at best, but the presentation and actually engaging with it is terrible.
Here's a great video showing the Diablo 3 story lol:
This video explains better why Diablo 3 lore falls short:
Yea I remember another really great youtube video about how bad the story was. Sadly I forget what it was called but it was pretty hilarious.

Here it is!
12/05/2018 01:59 PMPosted by AbsintheMind
To be honest, I don't remember the D3 story. I remember D2 but not D3. So, no it wasn't as remarkable to me.

Diablo 2's story:

Follow the mysterious figure until he reveals himself to be Diablo.

Kill Diablo.

The End
12/05/2018 02:03 AMPosted by TOPCommander
In my opinion D3's "story" is terrible. Written by a 3-year old.

Don't get me wrong, I think it cost them quite a bit to do the cinematics, pay the poorly chosen voice-actors etc. It's just that for that money they could have done way higher quality story telling and execution.

D3's story and voice acting is "disney style", rather than "Diablo style", hence why it blows IMO.

In D3 vanilla, to make matters worse, you could not skip cinematics and countless interruptions during gameplay were the norm, in order to listen to retarded "Best Generals of All Time" aka Azmodan and other ridiculous Bosses.

IMO D3's "Nefolem" story where we are superheroes more powerful than angels, demons and diablo himself (or should i say her-self) is just pathetic. The whole forced angels and demons topic was blown way out of proportion, and then topped off with us, the supposedly mortal heroes, being superheroes instead. Just pathetic.

There is no more to say.

I hate the idea of thinking we are superheroes, nor the very power of the Prime Evil (with all that that entails) is capable of defeating us. Ridiculous. The idea that we are what remains of the old Nephalem is fine, but that Demons or Angels are like cockroaches that we crush while we walk is pathetic. The question is ... how are you going to justify / balance / continue these levels of power in a next game or expansion? ...

How are you going to develop another story where Diablo is more powerful? More than a Prime Evil? If the Prime Evil with us cannot, what could Diablo do in his normal state?

Blizz Blizz ...
I enjoyed pretty much everything about Diablo 3, especially since Reaper of Souls came out. Is it the BEST GAME EVER, or BEST STORY EVER? No, but I found it genuinely enjoyable. And surprisingly dark.
Overall major stylistic departure from the rest of the series. Totally lacking nuance and fidelity to the rest of the diablo universe. Flat out cringy in parts.
12/06/2018 03:50 PMPosted by Stormspark
I enjoyed pretty much everything about Diablo 3, especially since Reaper of Souls came out. Is it the BEST GAME EVER, or BEST STORY EVER? No, but I found it genuinely enjoyable. And surprisingly dark.

It seems to me that while it is dark--especially Leah's fate--it's not AS dark as what came before because the good guys win and everything's okay, at least for now.

That's lighter than "You beat Diablo, but you have to stab yourself with the soulstone so that you can contain him and hopefully find a way to stop him from taking control before it's too late." Which, as it turns out, Aidan didn't.

It's even lighter than "You beat Baal, but the Worldstone has to be destroyed and who knows WHAT that will mean?" Because the end of D3 is "Well, looks like Diablo's alive and out there somewhere again, but you stopped him before and you can probably stop him again."

Maybe the reason I don't dislike it is because I WANT happy endings in video games. I prefer them over depressing endings in general, but I especially prefer them in video games because it's not a medium that you passively consume.

In a video game, you actually WORK to get to the end. You put in effort, which you don't do when you watch a movie or read a book. I want something to show for it all. I'd rather see my character breathe a sigh of relief and take a well-deserved rest than, say, be shown a cutscene where my character has to sacrifice his life to save everybody else.
The story isn't bad, but it is a divide from the original games, the first games (spoiler alert) You had majority of the heroes die, and the second one you also had the majority of the heroes die hahaha.

In D3 it was like, you killed the bad guy without a lot of sacrifice, at least Leah being a vessel was pretty dark and twisted.
12/05/2018 09:20 AMPosted by Kithelle
The biggest flaw of D3 story-mode is the game doesn't seem to take itself seriously. It read and played out more like a fan-fiction. It felt like a parody; like Blizzard were mocking the series.

D1 really set the tone of what the games were supposed to feel like, the atmosphere was dark and foreboding. 'ahh, fresh meat' as the butcher chases you down relentlessly and murders you the first time. The people in town were all down trodden and talking about the destruction under the cathedral.

The entire idea of being some powerful demon-angel-spawn creature nephalem that egotistically tears through everything like butter is insulting. How are you supposed to feel the impending doom and looming threat when you're the creature that is feared? Pathetic writing.

D3 was a reflection of the person in charge of the project: Jay Wilson, who had a rather clear dislike of the diablo series. Even saying that people misremembered Diablo 2, that they all remembered stuff that did not actually happen in Diablo 2.

This also shows in how different the story tone and how it is displayed when you go from D3V to RoS. Especially the endings. D3 ended on you being the clear hero who saved everything. RoS ended with you being so powerful that not only is Diablo free once more, but you stand in the perfect position to fall and become one of the kind of villains you killed over the course of the story because of how much of an aberration your power level is.
12/05/2018 05:56 AMPosted by Shred
12/05/2018 02:12 AMPosted by Kirottu
The general story arc is OKish but the delivery is hideously bad. The dialogue is cringeworthy, the quality of voice acting is all over the place, etc. The worst thing is propably the demon lords acting like Saturday morning cartoon villains.

This is the best way to put it, but the story itself is pretty awful too.

First person that can give me one good reason Tyrael ripped his wings off in the first place rather than just, you know, leaving and helping us as his badass angelic self wins a prize!!!

Ummmmmmmmm, I'm pretty sure he ripped off those wings because in that moment he was embarrassed to be one of the angels and 'supposedly' representing the side of light. I don't even think he knew he would turn human, I think he did it more out of just disgust and disagreement with how the Angiris Council would not react and counteract the demon lords of hell. I thought that entire scene was unbelievable, but it did unfortuantely leave us with a powerless and far less bad !@# Tyrael throughout the arc. I still thought it was a wall done scene though.
12/05/2018 04:45 PMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
It may be hard to imagine, but if D3's story was told in the style of D1/2, overall it may actually be better than D1/2. D1/2's story depth would feel lacking compared to D3's. The problem was Blizzard killed D3's story just through style alone.

This guy gets it! I always think to diablo 3's story and it's always hard for me to hate the game because I think it's logically where the whole story should have gone at the end of LoD. The script, execution, style, voice acting were all just terrible and goofy which ruined everything. The story on paper though is strong, and I think they did a great job mainstreaming the story together by having Aiden be Leroic's oldest son and the whole subplot with Leah as this sort of fail safe in case Diablo failed. Also it was inevitable that Heaven would be conflicted about events on Sanctuary as well and that a splinter group (Malthael) basically broke off and declared war on humanity.

When you think about it, these are the major turns/story beats that needed to happen. Script just wasn't good and more people needed to stand up in development and let them know it wasn't going to work with the tone of the franchise.
In my opinion the "story" in D1 and D2 was good because it was "light" and hinting at things rather than beating you over the head with "Lore" like D3. D1 and D2 gave you a light setting, with further story hints to be found in books and from NPC's in the main act-towns, but all of that still left you with a lot of room for interpretation and player-imagined-fantasy.

The story in D2 LOD is superb for that exact reason. It focuses on "setting" and "mood", while leaving the mentioned room for vast space of imagination, with the medieval gothic hopeless setting. We were nothing more than mortals, and death was literally waiting for us around every corner.

D3 introduced Kiddy-fied over-the-top storytelling, pathetically simplified [everything], and topped all of that off by focusing on ensuring the game will port to consoles as a main focus during development. D3 was designed by people that knew virtually nothing about Diablo, and are brazen enough to think their version of "Diablo" is better than D2LOD.

D3 is one huge Alpha-Test, that we the players paid for so we could participate in the alpha testing. Its scandalous really. The worst thing is that all the "noob-authors" that "reviewed" D3, know nothing about "Diablo" and they were easily blinded by the game-polish and "approachability", rather than understanding what Diablo is all about, and how D3 failed to deliver in any of the areas that actually matter in a "Diablo" game. I guess if these "game reviewers" have anything in common with the D3 devs, then its the fact that neither one of them knew anything about how to make and test a proper Diablo game.

D3 is in my opinion the prettiest and most polished AAA-Grade Failure I have ever played.
12/05/2018 02:03 AMPosted by TOPCommander
In my opinion D3's "story" is terrible. Written by a 3-year old.

The sad thing is that it’s not just D3. Nowadays, all their games (D3, SC2 and majorly WoW) have such stupid story/lore. They suck so much at writing that it seems that they purposely made a game without story (Overwatch) in order not to burn their brains at it.
The core of the story itself isn't bad. It is, however, terribly presented. The biggest offender is imho character overexposure. Demons don't behave like demons, but like teenage edgelords. NPCs feel like plastic groupies of your own character, and the nephalem themselves are overconfident jerks. It's quite literally a formula for oldschool saturday morning cartoons, and is extremely dissonant with the gritty tone the IP was funded on.

Were this game a completely new IP, this wouldn't be as jarring, but the fact they thought such absurd direction would fit in a mature dark fantasy setting really makes you wonder if they themselves understand Diablo, to the point I was legitimately surprised to learn they actually wanted to make the cancelled souls-like project dark and dirty.

I just hope that, despite that project being cancelled, they keep on mind that grittiness is a critical aspect of the identity of the franchise, and stop trying to force it into some crappy G-rating it simply doesn't belong in with D4. It's already bad enough they want to hold story bits hostage to force people to try their stupid mobile game.

Also, dont you freaking dare to dillute Diablo's essence to pander to the Chinese market and it's arbitrary censorship on a main release, Blizzard. Do not freaking dare to sacrifice Diablo to the altar of corporate greed. Of you truly care a bit and love Diablo as much as you claim to, you well damn know that's not the way you treat something you love.

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